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  1. Can you verify that?
  2. CheckMeowt

    When do votes reset?

    When does the vote list reset every month? I entered late this month and was hoping to get players to vote more around reset time.
  3. Oh okay. Well... All I need is the proper way to add a table for that on cpanel...
  4. https://www.runelocus.com/tutorials/callback-installation/ I have done everything on the tutorial so far but totally stuck on this because I dont know what to put in for my table! Totally new to mysql and thought this would help me... "For the “name”, enter “players” and for the number of columns, enter the number “2″. After clicking “Ok” at the bottom right, it should take you to a page that you might look confusing. That’s alright! Simply copy what’s in the below image and make your page look the same as the screenshot below. After you’ve finished, click “Save” in the bottom right. Congratulations once again! You’ve just created a place to store information for your validated voters." Does anyone have any information about this?.... how can the screenshots for the official runelocus callback tutorial be dead -.-
  5. Dropbox Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vgepkhzkvm22hmg/client.jar?dl=0 Website: http://www.imxprs.com/free/checkmeowt/soul-kingdom Forums: http://soulkingdomforums.proboards.com</br> -Fixed fishing, spawned spots, -Made zulrah boat, spawned zulrah (Zulrah Combat in Progress) - Bank Pin NPC Ahab created, added to home. - ::coinflip A gambling command for everyone! 2.5m each bet and fair win. - ::forums, and ::website commands and ::vote and ::discord - Ring of forging (works) - Finished farming teleport in mage book - All in 1 progressive theiving. - Fixed shop prices for point items - The Witchs Potion quest - recover the ingredients from those dirty goblins! - After Quest Content (AQC) Quest requirement portal for new mining/crafting zone which allows you to mine salve shards and create salve amulets! - Added working exp lamps 3 kinds - Added exp lamps to slayer shop and fixed price and exp rate. - Added full prestige with shops for each level. 10 prestige levels total. - Started horrors from the deep quest - Added Scorpia Boss to boss teleports in mage book. - Added Vet'ion - Improved drop rates - Fully customized Discord - Fixed all dupes, including cheat engine dupes - New take on Anger battleaxe, and the Salamanders! - 10+ New pets - Healing NPC @ Home! - Full Bounty Hunter! - Godwars - 18 Bosses and counting! - Iron Man Mode! As well as Donator, Super Donator, And Extreme Donator! - Cant afford to donate? Don't worry we have you covered, with our working in game bonds! - All Beta Testers from 5/18/18 - 06/16/18 will get instant status as Veteran! Thats free access to the dzone and yell - Mystery Boxes! - Change spellbooks @ home - Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite and Duo slayer! - Great PVP, PK POINTS WITH SHOPS AND NEW ITEMS - Near perfect switching -Fairy rings! -New take on Anger weapons! -Moss giant inspired Goblin boss "The Angry Goblin" with key -New Boss in Zanaris! Key required Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to check us out on the toplist. Hope you are intrigued by some of what you see, and join us in our Beta! If you are having any issues with the current client (you shouldn't) just message me on the livechat on our website Play page. </br> See you around maybe! - Checkmeowt