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  1. Bump - Need staff must have mic!
  2. Server is Officially opened. Check out our website, Join us on discord and we hope to see you in game!
  3. Project Reality Fast XP rates allowing you to Boss or Pk, Whatever you prefer! Complete Highscores, will you prove that you are the best? Auto Voting with some awesome rewards. Lava Dragons! Full Wilderness bounty hunter system with a kick ass bounty credit shop. Normal, Ironman and Hardcore Ironman modes. Ability to earn donator bonds through voting. Over 35 different pets you can obtain through bossing and skilling. Various ways to make money from skilling including Thieving, Fishing and more! 70+ Achievements to complete with an awesome reward store! Complete Donator Zone with Donator Monsters, Bosses, skilling areas and more! Full ability to create clans. Various OSRS items including Abyssal Bludgeon, Abyssal Dagger, Light Ballista, Heavy Ballista and more! [Media]