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  1. Website Forums Discord Wiki Do you enjoy playing Oldschool Runescape but hate how slow it is to level up? Do you not have enough money to pay for membership to view certain content? Well I have a solution for you! Grinderscape is the longest lasting OSRS base private server! Not only we offer a lot of 1 : 1 OSRS content but we also have a custom twist! Minigames are essential to us here at Grinderscape because they unlock new amour, weapons, skilling items, and more! - Blast furnace - Castle wars - Motherlode mine - Aquais neise - Battle royale & Weapons game - And a lot more! Not only do we have a lot of Oldschool Runescape bosses, we also have some custom bosses that drop a lot of unique items! Make sure you are on high alert because some are in the wilderness! - Vet'ion - The untouchable - Chaos elemental - Callisto - Wilderness spirit bosses - King black dragon - And a lot more! Skilling is one of the most important content we have here at Grinderscape! Not only does high skilling xp gets you on our highscores but it also unlocks various shortcuts and armor! - Different colored graceful set's - Custom items - Wilderness slayer with Larran keys - Wilderness and non-wilderness shortcuts - Rooftop agility - Custom skilling masters & armor - Skilling guilds - Kourend Catacombs - Custom slayer shops - And a lot more! Donating does not only help keep the server running, but it also give player a chance to unlock certain content and commands! - Bronze donator zone - Donator zone - Legendary boss zone - Custom commands & perks - And a lot more !
  2. History: * The Grinderscape community is one of a kind! Founded in March 8, 2008 this RSPS has came a long way from once it was! Giving its players the content they wanted; the development team has worked hard to keep the community fun and enjoyable for all parties! With custom weapons, amour, and events this runescpe private server is the one for the books! If you have not played Grinderscape you are surly missing out because there is always something and somewhere to explore! Being active for over 10+ years with over 100+ players daily Grinderscape development team are always busy with new updates as you can see below! Links: * Website: https://www.grinderscape.org * Forums: https://forum.grinderscape.org * Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Grinderscape.org/about/?ref=page_internal * Update Thread: https://forum.grinderscape.org/index.php?/topic/2452-2020-update-xmas-event-huge-server-rework/ * Update Thread: https://forum.grinderscape.org/index.php?/topic/2075-136-unique-titles-bosses-changes-bug-fixes/ Even though Grinderscape is an OSRS version of a private server, we have incorporated many custom ideas into the community! Some are Staff incorporated and some are player suggested, we strive to keep the player community happy and enjoyable for everyone! There are more than just custom gilded amour, there are custom abyssal whips that have different stats bonuses and special attacks and we also offer custom donor ranks and non donator ranks as well as commands for them! Every donator rank with the exception of have access to the following; - ::dz - ::yell - Donator rank customizer - Yell customizer - Infinite Crystal Bow ammunitions - Slayer task's amount reduction: 40% - Bone crusher charge's multiplier: x5 - Higher chance of receiving Jad pet in exchange for firecape - Max hit preview in equipment tab - Ability to use the Gilded Altar - Ability to use the KQ's boss shortcut - 5 KC requirement for Tarn's, Ice Queen's and Kamil's lair - Shift+Click to drop items from your inventory - Use items on a Bank Booth to note/unnote them - Forum/Discord rank upon request - Enter GWD chambers without KC - 30+ Bosses! - 10 mini-games! - Lottery! - Holiday Event! - Random wild bosses! - Rooftop agility courses! - Double exp weekend! - Custom weapons and amour! - Daily reward boxes! - Skilling task! - 07rs gp transferable! - OSRS token shops! - Custom shops! *Grinderscape is very well known for their Holiday Events! Grinderscape development team strives put as much content into the game as possible! Every holiday there is always an event happening whether it is Christmas, Halloween, Fourth of July, ect.. There is always custom amour to go with it! Here at Grinderscape we love to PK! In fact we encourage it! The thrill and loot you gain from PVP is unreal! There are single and multi clan pkers that love to test new techniques to win every fight! There are custom bonuses, titles, gear, weapons and more that you can get from pking! Minigames are essential to us here at Grinderscape because they unlock new amour, weapons, skilling items, and more! There are the basic mini games that are currently working at this point but we are going to include more minigames into the server that will create more armour, weapons, titles, and more! So don't miss out and join today!!!