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  1. Elywyn Pre Eoc + oldschool! Best of both worlds! Come get ahead while you can, before it gets huge! Join the movement today! (Sorry for the poorly done post, Very busy with the server and work, limited time.) We are in early stages in development, but we still have a lot to offer, come try it out PLAY NOW HTTP://WWW.ELYWYN.COM Content INFERNO RELEASED! 5/18/18 VORKATH COMING SOON! -BOSSES- Inferno! NEX! wilderness bosses Wildy Wyrm(drops tbow) zulrah & kraken corp phoenix venanatis calisto Cerberus 30+ MORE! LOYALTY PROGRAM! Nex, full fight :] Oldschool bosses and all oldschool items as well (tbow elder maul all new revision items)
  2. found my person, close if needed, still side jobs availble contact me on discord.
  3. Hello all, Ive decided to start my server up again, I'm looking for an experienced developer to work on the server, I have lots of experience managing servers but minimal experience with the actual coding. Basically I will be the idea man and I need someone experienced enough to bring these ideas to life. Can start work as soon as Wednesday April 11th. This isn't just something I'm doing for fun, even though I do enjoy it, I'm looking to do this right and really get this server up to the top, I work 6 days a week so you will always be paid, money is not an issue. However, I'm not looking for someone who's just in it for the money, I'm looking for someone who genuinely wants to grow and be my partner in this project. At first, compensation will be provided per job done and will be based on the time taken and the difficulty of each task I give. Once I find my guy you will be put on a weekly payment system and pay will be based on how much work or upkeep is done on the server, you will be required to document all work done in order for me to accurately pay you. Thank you for reading, please, serious inquiries only, must be proficient enough to work on client and server sided material as well as adding models. All though if youre amazing at one or the other still hit me up because I have a few side jobs needed as well. must be a down to earth individual who has time for this project and is willing to start from the bottom and bring this to the top. Thanks again all, I hope to hear from you. Contact me either in the comments Or on discord wobbly #5784 PS. Sorry for the ugly boring post, lol, I hope this in the right section, sorry if it isn't.