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  1. Marsix

    718 error compile

    I know I'm late, but in case you see this. Eclipse won't compile changes with errors active in the source. Just check for where they are and remedy them. Should compile just fine afterwards. GL
  2. Marsix

    Jarring client

    Jar it through Eclipse. It's as easy as hitting the export button and it drops a .jar right to your desktop.
  3. Are you asking for a spawn server to play on? If so, this is the wrong section. But if you're asking for a decent source, I'd just use a Feather 718/742 and make the ::item command work for everyone.
  4. Marsix

    Editing the skills tab

    Check your skills.java and run through the section that lists the ID for each skill. Ensure there are no dupes. Also, load your client through an IDE and click on each Firemaking button. It should print out the Interface ID for that particular icon. You can probably narrow down where it's coming from just by finding the right ID for the skill.