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  1. Very impressive work. Well done man
  2. As seen in the picture above, it's common among 4.3 theme to have this rather weird search button appear at the bottom and it usually appears inside of the transparent box. One simple solution would be to just completely remove it as it's not necessarily needed when you can just press enter. You can't even see the button so it's really just completely unnecessary. #elSearch button { display: none; } If you want to just fix that. I know it's small but I have keen eyes as a forum developer and the smallest inconsistency drives me crazy.
  3. Bump and edited - we are available for services
  4. Our service primarily focuses on two of the most popular forum softwares out today; Xenforo and Invision Power Boards (IPB.) We provide a variety of resources that will contribute to giving your forum a professional and beautiful quality that our clients deserve. Our team dedicates hours of our day to ensure that our clients are satisfied with their forums. With 120 vouches combined, our team provides only the most reputable forum service available to the community. Spoiler for Client Feedback(120 vouches combined) Gang Website Developer / Security Advisor Skype - atakk1 Discord - Gang#0001 (Preferred) Accepts PayPal and Bitcoin Jayson Website Developer Skype - soren.adams Discord - Jayson#8587 (Preferred) Accepts Paypal and OSRS GP Chance Graphic Designer / Website Designer Discord - Chance the Trapper#2488 Accepts Paypal and RS3/OSRS GP If there are any inquiries you'd like that are not listed, contact us and we will try, to the extent of our abilities, to fulfill your need. If we cannot do it, you will hear from us as soon as we are certain. - Invision Power Board Installation (Any Version) - Xenforo Installation - IPB Basic security - DDoS Protection - Hook installation (30+) - UserGroups, Titles, Ranks, Crowns, etc - Member Reputation system - Warning Point System - Skin Editing - Logo Creation - Skin installation (50+ in stock) - Basic Homepage - Spam Prevention - Application installation - Website Setup - Custom CSS - Full Forum Section/UserGroup Permissions - Graphic Design/Website Design For a FULL Forum Setup - depending on what you are asking is what WE will decide the cost. We DO NOT make homepages from the ground up. - IPB Skin Work / Unique Theming : $120 (Designed by Chance, Coded by Jayson) - Software Installation/Upgrade : $5 - Homepage/Vote/Store/Highscores : Negotiable (depending on what we're requested) - Vote/Store/Highscore Theming : $15 - 20 each depending on quality and time spent - SSL Cert. Assistance : $5 - Plugins/Applications installation : $10 (Top Posters, Who Was Online, Discord, Group Name Indicator, Group Color Formatting, Secondary Group Icons, Club Enhancements, Enhanced User Info Panel, Warning Logs, Change Author Panel, etc..) - Full Forums Setup : $25 (Any IPS themes, hooks, plugins, applications, security, forum section/member permissions, member groups, spam prevention, custom css, warning point system, etc...) Read above the price list - Security Audit. : Message Gang for more information - Member's Shop : $20 - CSS in individual Member Titles : Negotiable We do not tolerate scammers, therefore, the price agreed upon must be paid through Friends and Family to prevent scamming. We mean no offense to our potential clients. This is to keep us safe. By sending us a request for services, you hereby acknowledge and accept our terms. - Upon approval of the finished work, it is final - we will not go back and redesign work that was already approved unless you are willing to pay for the redesign - No progress will start until we are paid - No refunds will be available after payment - We work on our time, not yours - Don't disrespect us - we're developing your site after all - We are not responsible for the hacking of your site unless it is our fault for not securing it (you can pay for extra security) - We do not develop servers, please do not ask us about anything server related - If the payment that you had sent is refunded or cancelled without our authorization, you will be blacklisted and your site will be taken down - Our team holds the right to decline any potential client without reasoning - We hold the right to cancel any contract if payment hasn't been made - We hold the right to cancel any contract made and refund your money if we so choose to
  5. Check out my other post
  6. I honestly don't see the harm in deleting an account that was registered for, most likely, 5 minutes almost 8 years ago and then decided that he's never going to log in ever again. I'm sure if I somehow could get ahold of this Genesis user, he would tell me to fuck off for asking him about an account that he has no plans on ever using, possibly ever.
  7. I was about to say the same thing. Even Runescape itself allows taking names that were abandoned. And the account in question has not logged in almost 8 years. Cut the man some slack here and fix your stupid rules.