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  1. http://www.zeraps.org/en/ Server is now online 24/7 and its 1 week old. I am Hosting daily events and we will have hide and seek with our 1st h'ween mask when we hit 10 players online. we will have drop party when we hit 20+ players online We have many bosses on server. Kraken, Zulrah, Bork, Wildywyrm, Godwars, Kbd, Slash Bash, Glacors, Corporeal beast, Venenatis, Chaos elemental Etc.. Zulrah! / https://gyazo.com/843b4787423e0e70f98fc3f104513caf Kraken! / https://gyazo.com/214724d6bec3ed80b322af02fe911e54 Bork! / https://gyazo.com/e59b1496bee209ba5d7b199c53b129f9 Chaos elemental! / https://gyazo.com/dca7fcc0760b79b95ce8be1f5aa934b0 Venenatis! / https://gyazo.com/3e3b0dcd6ec65f1c093a8d71c7867942 Wildywyrm! / https://gyazo.com/2b95812c4472b484dd7c8b73aee3f8f5 All skills working! mining, summoning, runecrafting, construction, dungeoneering, Herblore Etc... Pvm, pk, Gambling, Slayer, Duel arena everything works! Pk Shop! / https://gyazo.com/89fa6bbf4acb975b0cdd7621961b72c3 Slayer shop! / https://gyazo.com/4a942cef97bfdd518d315bffa3518d4d Boss Point Shop! / https://gyazo.com/83ef526b7785800ec382576d848defb0 Gambling is donor + to host ::gamble Gambling store! / https://gyazo.com/9105ae75813ca4d56bc077a0e87297e7 Take a look and join today! we will gift you with 1 donation box limited time! so Don't be late! Link to our forums. http://www.zeraps.org/en/ Download it from here to! We make donation deals to! just ask for em! pm Zea or Hype / osrs donating are apply 1m = 1$ Donor shop 1: https://gyazo.com/e6de3fe4e11ffdf3b75a0e0ab62237fe Donor shop 2: https://gyazo.com/b767e37fa19d430de73b87189bbc5910 Donor shop 3: https://gyazo.com/52fd5ce5f0f239304ffbe45ed358088b Owner: Zea Admin: Hype