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  1. I tried to download but this immediately got rejected and was given an error of (This file has a virus. Only the file owner is allowed to download the virus.) and it just wouldn't let me download, Any Idea on whats up with that?
  2. If you buy a source you claim all rights and credits because that is what your paying for... lol so no if you buy a source... LITERALLY BUY a source then you don't owe credits to anyone but yourself. It would be nice but its not required because you paid for that right....
  3. Hello everyone, I'm just about to start my new journey in RS3, I've had plenty of High level accounts in the past, but honestly and unfortunately I sold them but now I am back to become one of the most feared Mages in RS3 history . I am now on the look for a clan or group of mates to help me on this journey, I will be an overall skilled account so not a skiller/pure or questing account. I hope to see some of you in the action and hopefully we can tear up some GW2 in due time. My name in game is also JirenUltra and at level 3 today. Should be way higher by the end of the month, maybe even be at like 90 or more.
  4. Alright that doesn't sound to bad, Although it seems like your missing simple codes, basically to get passed the Tutorial Island Trigger event, id say just remove it and have you spawn directly in the ::home area or have a starter npc there ready to talk and teleport you to home, and give you a starter set. If you could post your code for the Tutorial Island, if you can find it. There should be the reason why you don't have an inventory, or settings, it might just be something very simple to add but your going to have to check that code to see whats causing it, or to see if its not evenn programmed in, maybe it has an error and is in /**/ comment codes just waiting for you to fix it. Post the code or send me that part and i'll take a look at it, maybe even add the inv and settings for you while i'm at it
  5. Well this looks like you have the wrong Ip Address entered, if you want to log in and play by yourself, then you need to change the to and if you want to play with others then you need to change it to an active ip address that has been ported and ready for use, for example you can use your ip address but it needs to be portforwarded to allow others to connect.
  6. Well Tutorial Island isn't implemented in all RSPS but until you can completely fix or add the Tutorial Island I recommend you remove it completely, and can you give more detail on what you are missing? You said like settings for example, What do you mean by that? You don't have settings as a player or Settings.java as a developer? Same questions for all the things your missing. As for Tutorial Island, do you have the basic codes for the island or whats going on? What are you missing, does it not have NPCS, does it not work at all? or what, please give more detail and i'll see about helping you.
  7. Glad to be a part of the community and i hope to help many members out in anything i can possibly help in
  8. Hello everyone, you can refer to me as Quantum or Jirenultra, I have been on this site before years ago but never really got back into coding RSPS so I can't really remember what I used as a username at that point. I am a dedicated programmer/developer in C, C++, Java, Html, Css, and others in less detail. I have never owned a successful server but I did have my own projects that were completely finished and played on a solo/lan connection. I am back to help other developers and develop my self. I am also a big gamer so I do test servers, and since I'm online most of the time, don't hesitate to ask for help. I am not saying I am an expert but I will try to help ALL those who ask for help. I hope everyone had great holidays!! I am glad to be back.
  9. What are you looking to achieve? Basically you download Client and Server which you should have, and a Cache that is compatible with what you are using, unless it comes in the client/server but either way once you have it ready you need to get Java Development Kit on Oracle.com and an IDE such as Netbeans but its all up to you with what you use. I would recommend you check out the tutorials on Runelocus home site. https://www.runelocus.com/tutorials/ Check this out first and then try to run the server and client and if it works it works, at that point you should have the information you need to start messing with the source.
  10. Do you have part of the code that is related to a player dying? or even the Wilderness Event codes? If you do i might be able to look at them and tell you what's going on. And maybe even show you where to change the code. (FYI long time programmer but became absent on the RSPS scene but I have returned to help) Basically my guess is that if you find the area where If (getPlayer.Coords() = ??? ) {// << usually there is a code here to determine if the player is within the Wilderness Coordinates and initiates the function. //The Function will be found somewhere here, and it should have a condition on death, and getPlayer.Inventory() or equipment and it removes it, just make sure you edit it so you do not remove the items and leave the player as is but respawned to the spawn point or where you want them to respawn. } LMK if this helped, if not i'll be more then happy to check out the code for you and find it.