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  1. very much pay to win server have custom armor you can onlyu get thru paying 100's$ and you got to pay monthly for membership said to see in a new server and owners only care able getting money cash from players instead of making it playable for people who havnt bought op gear
  2. You guys still online site and server are both down?
  3. just saw his post on discord guess your leaving to abyssking lol he is keeping the system no matter how many players dont like it i mean he does and he is never on so who elses wishes matter
  4. use to be a fun server till this dumb night and day system all your doing is slidding the brightness all the way down at night we cant even see the items in our inv without mousing over who would ever think thats a good idea. Me 2 other players and the servers only donor all have been talking about it on the discord and you ignore us and answer someone else! wtf and to make it even worse I asked Zack why you didnt answer us and he ignores me then mutes me ive saw 3 people start last night see how shitty the system is and quit but doesnt seem like you give a dam regardless as long as you think its a fun idea players be damed