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  1. [mod=Summary] Afrinity is a 742 server that moved it's focus into RS3 content recently, it is still brand new, it has an active development team, who works hard to release constant weekly updates and content to our lovely community. It is still in it's early production stage. [/mod] [mod=Links] [*] Website [*] Download [*] Community [*] Hiscores [*] Store [*] Vote [*] Discord [/mod] [mod=Features] [*] Near Perfect Combat [*] Godwars (soon to have Godwars 2) [*] Complete Clan Wars [*] Complete Soul Wars [*] Complete Clan Wars [*] Complete Fight Kiln [*] Complete Fight Caves [*] Complete Barrows [*] Complete Nomad [*] Complete Duel Arena [*] Skilling Outfits [*] Complete Pest Control [*] Complete Soul Wars [*] King Black Dragon [*] Queen Black Dragon [*] Kalphite Queen [*] Corporeal Beast [*] Nex [*] Bork [*] Pets [*] Full Construction [*] Warriors Guild [*] PK Points and Shop [*] Coinshare [*] Dwarf Cannons (Normal, Gold, Royal) [*] Gambling Items (Dice, Flowers, etc..) [*] And much more [/mod] [mod=Media] To be done. [/mod] [mod=Credits] [*]~ Matrix Team [*]~ Jawid [*]~ Walied [/mod]
  2. Welcome To Afrinity 718 About Us We have brought Afrinity to the players who loved RS before they ruined it with the EOC. We have come here today to finally bring you what you all have been waiting for. Did you not always want to play on a server where you have all the features as RS but didn't want to spend countless hours mastering it? We have come here today to show you a project that you can all enjoy and achieve. We have spent countless of hours correcting attacks and features for your use. We want to give all of our players the good ol' Rs feel but at the same time bringing out the fun in the game. Features Flawless Combat All specials Correct Range Weapons Such As Zaryte Bow Perfect Loot Share Full Mining Set (2500 Ores) Fishing Set (2500 Fish) Agile Set (250 Laps) Perfect Loot Share Pk Point Shop Nex Bork All GWD Bosses (Kc Coming Soon) King Black Dragon Kalphite Queen Corporeal Beast Nomad All 25 Skills Are Trainable Pest Control With Commendation Shop Castle Wars With Ticket Shop Duel Arena With Staking Kiln (43 Waves) Jad (63 Waves) Clan Wars With Leaderboards Warriors Guild With Tokens Full Barrows Dwarf Cannon (All 3) All specials Squeel Of Fortune ! Correct Range Weapons Such As Zaryte Bow Gambling Such as Dice and Flower Game Soul Wars Coming Soon Full Construction With Own Homee Coin Share For Friends Chat Download Client Media Download Client