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  1. leverslate

    Life situations

    Life is full of challenges and none of us is exempt. Situations we run into impose vital challenges that often end in disappointment. How can we overcome such challenges and improve our future life situations?
  2. Still open? I want to recommend my friend.
  3. Quality! It's impressive in every progress.
  4. leverslate

    Kagnai #831

    Same here, I didn't find anything. for real.
  5. Personally, I will bond with myself in playing Runescape. But if I feel like going out then maybe tennis with my friend. There's a lot of choices and I somehow refer to it here https://www.buzzfeed.com/mallorymcinnis/let-the-games-begin It just helps me to decide.
  6. Interesting...Let me think this
  7. Did you really before scam? I saw it on global chat.
  8. Good thing you had a group of friends to play with you. sobs*
  9. Summer is not completely canceled. There really is still fun to be had. What are the things you want to do with or without kids?