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  1. leverslate

    new song

    wonderful music, very relaxing
  2. digging up this thread because I also want to know how is everyone doing?
  3. leverslate

    Holy Crap.

    hello everyone. It's been 3 years for me
  4. I agree with you only forum members doesn't allow it
  5. Am I too late for the giveaway? 😅
  6. Have you tried looking for someone at Upwork?
  7. leverslate


    I wish to have a much livelier activity from the community itself!
  8. Better get some help from GOOGLE, they can give you more options.
  9. You are cool, I would love to see you in person!
  10. leverslate

    Got a Tattoo

    If I will decide to get inked, I would go for tribal design too on my left chest.
  11. I would love to but it's giving a broken file when uploaded.
  12. Live in the future Would you rather eat stinky tofu or balut?
  13. leverslate

    Favorite food?

    I also love Pizza, btw
  14. I work as systems integrator in an IT company