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  1. Oh? I feel you, dude. How are you right now? Feeling great already?
  2. So this is the answer to my question " why are they keeping spamming the word 'bump'? " Now my head is clear already.
  3. Are you still looking right now?
  4. How are you right now? Still, Playing RuneScape's?
  5. I'm interested in this because I need this one. I'll try looking at your ratings first.
  6. Not only yours but also mine has many spam messages as well. It is so irritating!
  7. Yeah, and it's the only way I know too how to cope with loneliness or sadness that I feel, not until I found this https://www.topuniversities.com/student-info/health-support/experts-reveal-how-overcome-covid-19-loneliness-university
  8. I can't get over to this one. HAHAHA. No wonder you got a negative reputation...sarry
  9. I'm confused but I think you're saying that you want to hire a helper right? please use the "have" properly. "Cordially speaking with no harm".
  10. It's lockdown here (Idk if yours as well) and since I can't go outside I decided to spent my time playing RuneScape. How about you? Do you spend your time playing RuneScape's or other games just to cope with your sadness during these uncertain times?
  11. Really?! Nice if it is. I would try to give it a shot.
  12. Thanks for posting this, I appreciate it. It made a big help to me.
  13. uh, so that's why... Well, I had noticed the same problem as well.