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  1. Hi Gamers, Just curious if your online gaming behavior got affected with this pandemic thing - the Covid-19? Was the effect a bit of positive or negative? Your thoughts are happily awaited for. Thanks!😎
  2. Most people are spending their time playing computer games. Some are using for work and some are for their entertainment purposes. Are you also spending a lot of your time using a computer?
  3. Great! That requires a lot of work, huh. Anyway, thanks for keeping us posted.
  4. I've been thinking the same way also. I just notice it.
  5. leverslate

    Matrix III

    So that's how you do it huh? Thank you for posting this it really helps me!
  6. leverslate

    New To Discord

    Just curious - any difference with Messenger and Discord? I havent seen any, or because I am only new to Discord?
  7. I doubt you'll say that. This game is so boring anyway.
  8. leverslate

    New To Discord

    Hi guys, I am new to discord. I have observed that most youtubers who are into gaming are using Discord to chat and communicate. I have downloaded it but still learning how to use it. Do you guys using it? Is it really good to use it generally?
  9. I am new to minecraft (late bloomer 😅) but I am actually enjoying. Still on the basics. It would be fun to learn something that is engaging.
  10. Rate from 1-5 where 1 is the highest and 5 is the lowest.
  11. Exciting....Been waiting for this to go public. Nice job!!!!
  12. make an effort to research on its security and privacy.
  13. leverslate


    Definitely! Thanks firesparq.