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  1. Skills - Compete against your friends and become the Master of All Skills. Achieve 99's in all stats or even become a Skiller. Game Modes - Become a normal account or take it to the Extreme and become an Ironman which limits your player's ability to trade or even use the bank as an Ultimate Ironman. Only South of Edgeville Bank [Home] - You can easily access all of the shops in only a few steps. The following Stores: - Ranging Shop - Melee Shop -Magic Shop - Donator Store 1 - Donator Store 2 - Donator Store 3 - Boss Point Store [Accumulate Boss Points though killing bosses] [1-15 Boss Pts/ Boss] - Trivia Point Store [Answer Random Questions for Points] [1st Place = 10 , 2nd Place = 6 , 3rd Place = 2] - Ironman Store [Buy Raw Supplies for Skilling] - Star Dust Shop [Mine the Crashed Star at Key Locations for Stardust spent in the Shop] [Level 80 Mining to Mine the Star] - Explorer Jack [Sells key items such as teletabs and Cannons] -Food Store [Sells food up to Manta Rays and all of your Necessary Potions] - Clothes Store [Fashion-Scape] Bosses - There are a Total of 24 Bosses in which you can find out what they drop by using the command ::drops NPC Drop Tables - This displays all of the possible drops from all of the NPC's in Sincity-Ps. You can use the search bar to find a specific drop in which will be indicated on which boss drops the desired item. Mini-Games - Bring your friends along and get yourself the Void set in Pest Control or even take on the Almighty TzKal-Zuk on the final wave to achieve your Infernal Cape. Some of the Mini-Games are being updated and fixed which are being a HUGE benefit to the Server. Custom Built Construction North of ::Home [Edgeville Bank] Used for: - Thieving - Altar [Changing Prayer and Spell Books] - Construction Player Owned Shops [POS] - Buy and Sell you unwanted items or items you need [In Edgeville Bank] | | V ::Gamble is Safe and Working from Scamming IMPORTANT NOTES - Donors can Access the ::dzone - Donors can access the Gambling Store [Dice-bag] - Read Rules Before Playing - We are having events such as Drop Parties, Goodiebags and Giveaways! When we reach Player Milestones to give back to the community for their Great Efforts to Play and Donate.