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  1. Not responsive, would post a new one in some days (responsive one)
  2. why do i get a lot of errors in eclipse with this? can someone help me to set it up in eclipse?
  3. [quote name='retrorauno']no client run.bat and also, good troll[/QUOTE] use eclipse to run your client or server...
  4. Promote your server with advrs. and buy a domain and host (create a nice website)
  5. Hello peeps, Can someone help me with highscores? Thanks anyway
  6. Thats just higher rev. (i think you can just add it with cache editor)
  7. I Can help you with this add me owner_death1 on skype
  8. Dear RuneLocus, I am trying to find a good Source (revision 317) with 508 maps and 634 items. [PI BASED] Can someone help me out with a good client and source? Thanks for helping me! Kind Regards, Owner Of Heroes-War
  9. I Need this to!
  10. Hello Runelocus, After years im starting up a new server. I have allready a to do list! Want to help us? Please add me on skype : Owner_death1 We need some proof you are a good developer! Thanks
  11. I cant find a good one doh :S
  12. I need a good source.... Somthing like Project Exile but than not with 709480239432 bugs. I just want that grapics and maps and hits [PI 317 BASED] Can someone help me out with that?