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  1. Cayd

    Edit Shop prices

    Open Shops.java look for this. if you dont have it add it in! public static int getBuyPrice(Item item, int dq) { int price = item.getDefinitions().getValue(); if (price == 0) { price = 1; } switch (item.getId()) { //general store update case 11726: case 11724: case 11722: case 11720: price = 75_000_000; break; case 6585: price = 10_000_000; break; case 22482: case 22486: case 22490: case 22494: price = 25_000_000; break; edit you to your item id!
  2. If you have any more problems msg me on discord Cayd#3233 ill help as much as i can!
  3. Go through and check everything that trys to connect with a websight, also when your working with that scorce make the client a runable jar and it will work better !! The error looks to be comming from the client side so go in to loader.java and check the ports! Use java eclipse ee for dev and will make it a better experience for coding !
  4. Exoria - the perfect 718, where pking and pvming is better than ever, with 25+ skills to train and 20+ bosses to kill, and the best community you'll ever witness. This server isn't your average server the staff is extremely active and helpful, with many ways besides pvming and pking to make coins like skilling and gambling, everything is worth something! Also with 4 minigames Dungeoneering, Castle Wars, Barrows, and Warriors Guild! and a custom boss named "char" which you and your friends can go at it with the beast for some juicy rewards! Exoria returns again! https://exoria.us/ Join our discord !!!
  5. Cayd

    24hr command?

    I have been trying everything to make a claim vote command im using foxvote but cant make a command to claim the vote. Is there a way to make a command that you can only do once every 24 hr?