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  1. You have the same name of a great RSPS developer called Blake... maybe it is you o.O
  2. Intersting title right? but it is true Hey guys, I am not new to runelocus I have been here since it first started to become what it is now, I was a former *cough* dismissed *cough* staff member I am so proud of you guys, and I am glad that you are growing so much. honestly I have met some very talented people on runelocus than anyone I ever knew in real life Anyways, I am a web developer for a long time now and I have been promoted to IT project manager recently (yay), I am responsible for social media, designs, web development, software development and everything that have to do with anything technical for a water company, and that is who I am. How it all happened is that it all started when I became friends with someone called Scott (he was a donor on runelocus) and we started our project together which pushed me into where I am now in my career. So I came back, and I have plenty of free time so I came looking to enhance my programming skills, doing something I really loved to do before. Sorry for the long introduction. ?