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  1. Hi guys, So i'm looking for any help i cant get on my project from different developers. list: Invision forum setting up Sql backend So i'm a front end developer and know responsive design quite well and i'm willing to do most of the work if i can. The mock-ups need tweaking, design colours changing etc but the basis of what i want to create is there. If anyone is interested or can help me out setting up a fourm that would we great. I want the fourm to link to an sql backend where we can store other data out that player, quests done etc. none of the placeholder images in the mockups are mine do it take nor credit. https://discord.gg/K66Tzw
  2. Hello, im offering my services of responsive web design in boostrap and normal css. Anymore details or you need to talk pm me on discord https://discord.gg/Te96yD5 Robert Wilding is my discord name. p.s Im not doing things for free.