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  1. II Blake II

    compiling error

    When I try to compile my server I get an error message saying... "note: some input files use unsafe or unchecked operations note: recompile with -Xlint : unchecked for details." I don't know why its doing this or how to fix it. if someone would be able to tell me how to fix this and why I would be really grateful for the help
  2. thanks lol, I confuse the names sometimes
  3. Welcome back! Maybe you can spread your knowledge and wisdom here and possibly help some people (like me cuz I'm a noob)
  4. on a scale of 1-100 im like a 5 when it comes to coding. id like to make my own server (for learning purposes) but to do so I also need to know how to code and set it up properly (I kinda have the just of setting it up) but if anyone knows where I could go to learn javascript online I would be really grateful. I'm not really looking for small forum post tutorials but more so something that I can learn the absolute basics from and graduate myself into more advanced coding. I have been told there some free online class videos but idk what those would be but if anyone else here is a developer who has learned by themselves I would be really interested in knowing how. Thanks for the help
  5. Hey, I'm Blake. I'm 19 and I'm from Canada. I've been looking into creating my own rsps for a while but I lack a lot coding experience (I'm currently trying to teach myself via free online classes) and honestly its a little confusing but in a few months I hope to create my own rsps using a source from here. I would love any help/tips/advice from anyone here if there willing to offer. I will however not be looking for staff or a co-owner but I will (in the future) be putting a lot of money into this for some complex coding that I probably wont know how to do or really have the time to learn (I do have to work lol) so if you know anyone that is good at coding, like really good please leave a comment and ill keep them in mind in a few months when I get sorted out! These forums seem really nice and useful so hopefully I can learn a few things from you guys and maybe you can make some money too XD.