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  1. Thanksgiving event is live! An angry Turkey will spawn near one of the wheat fields across Velheim, kill it and earn rewards before it disappears. The event it-self will start automatically on the 25th and run until the 28th Familiar Overrides has been added. Elite dungeon 1 - Temple of Aminishi - Coming soon! Happy Thanksgiving wishes the Velheim Staff. We celebrated with some big drop parties!
  2. It's that time of year again. The leaves are falling, the sky is cloudy, and the chill is setting in - so there's no better time to cosy up by the fire and settle down for some warming skilling action! Triple XP LIVE will return from November 6th to November 16th. That's ten whole days in which to use your 48 hours of Triple XP time at whatever pace you wish. Blast through it all in one weekend or take the time to fit those gains around your real-life adventures - it's all up to you! Oh, and don't forget - for the first time ever, you can get Triple XP in the new Archaeology skill! Also make sure to keep an eye out for any exclusive Skilling events one of the staff team members might be hosting while the triple XP buff is active.