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  1. Our Halloween event is live! Speak with the Grim Reaper at the Slayer Tower to do his dirty work and be rewarded either a Grim Reaper's hood or scythe! This event will last until November 1st!More details: http://war-scape.com/forums/showthread.php?244-Halloween-Event
  2. New quest released: Elven Adversary * Choose to help the Elf warrior retrieve stolen crystals from the dwarves to be rewarded a powerful Crystal bow * Choose to betray the Elf warrior and help the dwarves collect more crystals instead to receive 10m coins plus a golden mining helmet
  3. Home | Play Now | Forums | Hiscores | Vote Custom Content Including Blood Gear Unique NPC's Such As White Dragons 25+ Bosses And Pets (OSRS & RS3 Bosses) Player-Owned Shops Construction NPC Drop Logs Colored Particles Custom Textured Items Custom Interfaces Such As Player Profiles, Drop Logs, Loyalty Titles, etc. All Working Skills Hourly Events Including Shooting Stars, Evil Trees & Golden Dragon Spawns