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  1. im looking for someone to help me on regular basis, but if anyones willing to help me get everything working thats fine with me aswell
  2. UPDATE the client is up and running, client.jar file download link is on site but site components are all not working yet, buttons redirect to nothing, the client doesnt link to site aswell im having difficulties getting it all to work because its alot of work especially if ur just starting to learn how to code
  3. can you help me through discord? i got the site up and running but its buggy af and also webclient.php file was missing so i do not know how to make a webclient, i tried jarring but it didnt work for me
  4. Hi there, i am trying to start my own private server and just bought a vps, i have a free domain name on noip and have the packs needed to make a server, im basically looking for someone who can help me set it up make it accessable for others to play and if ur willing to be my tech manager to perform bug fixes and updates etcetera, if not just making the game accesable will do to i learn quick but just started learning:) kind regards
  5. would u mind if i buy the same domain name and continue your legacy?