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  1. I am looking for someone to help me create a server here is a list of stuff I want done ▪Pking bots system that is very good ▪working grand exchange that isn't player ran, anyone can buy anything from the ge at anytime and sell anything at anytime ▪a good xp rate where 99s are something to be proud of ▪item prices to be realistic like real runescape back in the day so if you get rune armor from a drop you snatch that shit up ▪A nice home area ▪Nice tab that displays information like kills, deaths, boss kills, teleports etc. ▪An NPC at home that dices the player, and if the player loses, then the items that the player loses get put into the lottery jackpot, each time the jackpot gets 1b coins, they get turned into 1b tickets. (It's either the items that the player lost while dicing go to the lottery jackpot or, they go to an npc at home called the "drop party host" which does a drop party every 5 hours or so?) That's all I can think of right now, but I'll eventually want more done to the server. I will inform whoever the dev is whatever I want done. The dev will get dev status on the server and will have great benefits. They will have a testing account to test things out on the server.