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  1. Welcome Hi and thanks for joining me upon my progress to Max on RS3. If you'd like to contact me in-game just PM me your username and I'll shoot you a pm when I see you're on Above is some information about my account at thread creation date. Please note: Cash-stack is dead from double-experience weekend. I generally have a steady income but have only been active to do the occasional daily. Goals: Quest Cape Maxed 120 invention Completionist Trimmed Completionist (Long-Term) Master Quest Cape (Long-Long Term) How i'll level my skills Ranged - Slayer/Bossing for cash Runecrafting - Runespan/Runecrafting extended dailies Construction - Extended dailies Dungeoneering - Extended dailies Agility - agility during voice of seren/posts of seren Herblore - makes pots for overloads/make overloads Thieving - Crystal mask/light form/pyramid plunder/elfs Crafting - harps/urns Fletching - extended dailies Slayer - do slayer/reaper tasks Hunter - Crystalise/Lightform Divination - Cache/Energy for 120 invent Mining - Crystalise/Lightform Granite until 89 - Seren Stones until 99+ Smithing - Artisian Workshop until 89 - Corrupted Ore until 99 Fishing - Fishvention Cooking - Cooking dailies/cook stuff from kingdom Woodcutting - Acadia Tree w/ Crystalise/Lightform
  2. Best of luck Serbs. This looks legendary. You've definitely done some great work on this.
  3. No worries! Glad it helped!
  4. Is your JRE/JDK updated fully on your OS? Check that and try again. I've had that issue before and that fixed it for me.
  5. I'd suggest looking at the download section and choosing one with a revision that suits your needs. It's probably best not to jump into EOC servers if you're new however. If I was you I'd choose something from here to start with.
  6. Thanks! I knocked out a lot of quests that would unlock more efficient training methods, spent bonus exp in more annoying skills - for me this was farming, herblore, summoning and mining. Generally grindy/not fun skills. I set my goals for priff and seren spells which greatly increased my exp/h. When I needed money I did it through a skill or bossing, something that'd give me experience. Put in simple terms, I made sure I was always getting experience. My number one advice would be check what other people are doing, most of the progress I did, I got from what other people are doing. (I'd recommend checking reddit, youtube and on the forums - there's always great advice on those platforms) Here's my stats if you're interested
  7. I'm assuming you're wanting to learn how to create your own private server. Best place to start is to learn some basic Java (I did this through MOOC's and on Code Academy), honestly there's tonnes of resources out there, even at your local library they'll have some books on it. It's also recommended you'd download an IDE - I use Eclipse, it took me a while to get the hang of how to use Eclipse properly, but you'll get the hang of it. A great place to learn is downloading some of the projects in the download section and having a play around for yourself, look at stuff other developers are doing and practice coding on a regular basis. Remember, it's not something that'll happen over night.
  8. Late reply, but I've actually been going through the same stuff as you and figured it out. Make sure you've got the latest JDK/JRE. I edited the .bat files and changed the system location for java in quotation marks to just simply java. (I think I only actually had to change one file anyway) Read the error carefully, and it should say where you need to put that file, for me it was "C:/Users/(myusername)/830_cache/" Put simply, put a copy into wherever it says on the error, make sure all the files can locate your java correctly and start up the server. (Note: AS far as I'm aware - you have to open up three files. server/run_game.bat server/run_local.bat client/run_local.bat It's also a good idea to read through the thread/comments of the original thread, as they helped me out with saving issues. Hope this helped.
  9. Late reply, but I've had my account for close to seven months now. I'm currently at almost all stats above 80. (I've only got 77 hunter to go) and have 10 99's and am currently working on 120 invent. So that can give you a fair idea of the stats you can achieve. (I'd also like to mention I've only ever used exp lamps and bonus exp when they were awarded to me (e.g. keys via questing - i've never bought keys)
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    This looks lit! Good work man.