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  1. Play Now Forums Discord Zera is a 718 loading 865 runescape private server. We have a stable server that offers unique content to our players. We have 2 Developers that will listen to the suggestions they get. We are always updating our server with content and improving the game in general. We have Boss Pets, Completionist Capes, 20+ Bosses, all funcational skills, a working grand exchange, clue scrolls, loyalty system and even a Perk System. Our server is not Pay-to-win, which is something we are very proud of. We want our players to work hard for their stats and items. Anyone can become great on Zera 718. Choose between 6 game modes, Ironman and Hc Ironman. We have tons of minigames like Barrows, clan wars, pest control, dungeoneering, fight kiln, Unique Quests, Duel Arena, Soul Wars, Dominion Tower and much more.