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  1. Join the official discord >>here<< while we countdown to release Gamemodes Unlike most servers Zanadra does not feature any game modes that change the experience rate, drop rate, special regeneration etc. Zanadra has one static experience rate across all game modes. The only game modes offered are; [*]Normal - unrestricted regular account. [*]Ironman - Identical to Runescape's Ironman Mode * [*]Hardcore Ironman - Identical to Runescape's Hardcore Ironman Mode * [*]Duo ironman - Unique to Zanadra. This game mode features all of the regular Ironman mode restrictions (no trading, staking, looting items dropped by other players, etc), whilst allowing you to select 1 partner to link with. This link is permanent and can never be removed, and will give you access to trading, looting of ground items, co-op slayer and many other things with your linked partner only. Linked ironman will have their experience added together for the purpose of the Duo Ironman Hiscores. *Additionally, all Ironman gamemodes have no access to the squeal of fortune. Experience Rates Zanadra features a scaled experience rate system. The following multipliers apply based on your level; 1-50 45x 50-60 30x 60-70 15x 70-80 12x 80-90 9x 90-99+ 6x