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  1. Entire thread has been updated! Brand new media, up-to-date features list, new video sections & much more! Ely has been online pushing nearly two years now, join the huge community!
  2. New Ely RSPS Server Media (Mega Thread) click here to view!
  3. bump, thread has been updated! Also check out our latest giveaway: 100M a Day for 100 DAYS! Click here to read more.
  4. HUGE UPDATE! Our Donor System was REVAMPED! Presets have been added to Ely! & MORE! Check out the link below for the full patch notes! https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/showthread.php?878-Patch-Notes-XXVIII-Presets-Donor-System-REVAMPED-amp-More
  5. Entire thread has been updated with the latest media, title has been updated with most relevant information, including but not limited too: First OSRS Content release on Ely, a 718! OSRS CERBERUS! Also in this update we added Boss Instances, new Pets (Hellhound Puppy, Graetoriax Pet) And a bunch more! Click here for the full patch notes.
  6. I highly doubt you'll find a good source that legit has no bugs like you're asking. You could pay someone $1,000 for a nice 718 source & it'll still have bugs that need to be worked out. But that's perfect; because you said you want to learn coding. So what better method than figuring out the bugs & fixing them! However; I can't help ya on finding a good one.
  7. shit 3 monitors? kinda want that lmao
  8. bump! huge content update being released soon! stay up to date on http://www.elyrsps.net teaser thread coming soon!
  9. I never experienced the issue - always looks amazing