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  1. bump, thread has been updated! Also check out our latest giveaway: 100M a Day for 100 DAYS! Click here to read more.
  2. HUGE UPDATE! Our Donor System was REVAMPED! Presets have been added to Ely! & MORE! Check out the link below for the full patch notes! https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/showthread.php?878-Patch-Notes-XXVIII-Presets-Donor-System-REVAMPED-amp-More
  3. Entire thread has been updated with the latest media, title has been updated with most relevant information, including but not limited too: First OSRS Content release on Ely, a 718! OSRS CERBERUS! Also in this update we added Boss Instances, new Pets (Hellhound Puppy, Graetoriax Pet) And a bunch more! Click here for the full patch notes.
  4. I highly doubt you'll find a good source that legit has no bugs like you're asking. You could pay someone $1,000 for a nice 718 source & it'll still have bugs that need to be worked out. But that's perfect; because you said you want to learn coding. So what better method than figuring out the bugs & fixing them! However; I can't help ya on finding a good one.
  5. shit 3 monitors? kinda want that lmao
  6. bump! huge content update being released soon! stay up to date on http://www.elyrsps.net teaser thread coming soon!
  7. I never experienced the issue - always looks amazing
  8. I absolutely love it! Good job on this to everyone who was involved. However good question by @Fallout - would love to see a Forum theme to match!