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  1. A solution to all your problems Introduction We are an organization that helps you in the success of your project. We offer complete solutions for marketing, stability and profitability of your server. Indeed, by doing business with us, you ensure maximum donation and maximum lifetime for your server and all this for a reasonable price. Our team Our organization consists of two university students in marketing (MBA) and a specialist in gobal economics. We are fans of Runescape and RSPS since we started playing and we have decided to get into business to help you develop your customer base and maximize the experience of your players on your server. We combine more than 30 years of experience on RSPS and we have solutions tailored to your needs. Our services 1. Server start up What are the main needs of the server to maximize server advertising and player retention when launching? Basically : How to get players? What are the main investments to be made? Basically : Where to put your money? How to stabilize your economy from the start? Basically: How to avoid futur problems? What are the main promotions you should make for the launch donations? Basically: How to start getting money from your server? These are all questions we can answer to help you get your server off the ground. 2. Server economy Once your server is up and running, you have to make sure the economy is in good health as it is one of the main aspects that new players are looking at when joining your server. Therefore, we offer you: Stabilization of economy. Economy Analysis. Store regularization (advice on prices). Advice on the benefits of donations. 3. Making a profit - Growing your playerbase You are as passionate as we are with private servers, but you do not have the knowledge to maximize your profit? You want a larger playerbase? Here's what a server looks like when it's properly managed... Advertising attracts new players. Players stay as they like the economy of your server and the management of it. By seeing that your server is serious and that it has a long-term potential, players decide to support you by making donations. Donations serve you as income, but you can also invest them to have more content (or more advertising). 4. Content suggestion Your server is running well, but your players ask for more content? You do not have any ideas on what to offer? We're here for that. We know what RSPS players want according to the type of server (spawn, pking, economy, gambling, skilling, etc.) and we can take the pulse of your playerbase to advise you on the upgrade to make your customers happier. Contact us! If you are serious about your server and want to maximize the benefits you get from it, do not hesitate to send us a message (PM) or e-mail ([email protected]) to evaluate your situation. You can ask questions about our organization and our services at any time. Our prices depend on the work to be done and on the time to put in your project. However, our prices are very reasonable and we greatly consider the efforts you have made so far. Please note that every communication between you and us is stricly confidential. Sincerely, The RSPS solutions team.