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  1. The Undivided The Undivided is a 718 loading 751 RSPS With one of a kind Content. We Update Daily, keeping our players happy and refreshed. Our Server Includes some of the Best-Unseen Features, as it is Unique and one of a kind. Beginning with the Features: The Undivided Forums Play The Undivided The Undivided Youtube Channel 718 - (Economy) Player-Based G.E. Iron-Man game mode. 5 different Xp Modes 66 Boss Pets!! Rise Of The Six The Undead Nightmare (Zombies minigame) Fist Of Guthix Minigame Fight Caves Full 63 Waves Fight Kiln Full 37 Waves PVM System with PVM points All Skills Working Skiller's Cape Perk's in the PVM Shop Skill Points System Upgrading Tokens Unique Prestige System Giving rewards per prestige Higher Drop Rates per Prestige Higher XP rates per Prestige Amazing Trivia System With Trivia points shop More than 8 Slayer Masters Up To 120 Slayer Level, Unlocking New Tasks Per Level Many Trimmed Comp Cape Requirements Full Hybrid Armours Over 25 Bosses - Including Team Bosses Hidden Slayer Task Drops Over 100 Different Slayer Tasks High Tier Weapons Dyes for Weapons (3a Dye, Barrows, etc) Drygores Off-hand Weapons Hidden Slayer Task Drops Exquisite Longsword!! Serpentine Rapiers Boogie Bow Royal Ancient Longbow Noxious Weapons (Scythe, Bow, Staff) Staff Of Char - Ward of the Scarlet God Ascension Crossbows Over 30 Customs High Tier Armours Sirenic Armour (From Char) Tectonic Armour (From Vorago) Malevolent Armour (From Lucien) Lava Spirit Boots Queen Ensouled Boots Media: Yk'Lagor The Thunderous http://imgur.com/XchKMoZ Pest Queen - Drops Korasi - Signet V http://imgur.com/90dnmAI Dreadnaut - Warped Gulega http://imgur.com/LG6u6H7 Vorago - High Level Team Boss Char - High Level Boss http://imgur.com/bgQ44h6 Lucien - Scary As Hell- Almost Unsoloable Zombie Undead Nightmare minigame http://imgur.com/a/jiDHm Noxious Weapons http://imgur.com/a/p4UC0 Death - Gives Boss Slayer Tasks http://imgur.com/nBg99P2 Unique Teleport Interface http://imgur.com/SAW3dRW Drop Logs - Vote Shop - Iron-Man Disable Option - Highscores http://imgur.com/a/ganAq 5 Different XP modes http://imgur.com/a/0M89c Unique Donator Points Shop http://imgur.com/a/E90om Fully Working Skills - 120 Slayer http://imgur.com/ZFkx2WL Chronic Greataxe Requirements http://imgur.com/87mz4KL Npcname Command To check an NPC's Drops http://imgur.com/NIDakco Dropname Command To Check What Drops A Specific Item http://imgur.com/BwheKzy For More Media Open Our Channel
  2. Hey guys. i've been trying to load a server, i keep getting this error. I'd Appreciate some help. - PRO
  3. thank you so much man all the respect to @Arix and @Cart everything works just fine now
  4. No, i just click on the launcher , the command prompt thing opens and closes really fast
  5. hey guys, im not sure if this is the correct section for this but i think it is. well i had quit rsps's for about 2-3 years and im back now, with a new laptop. but now almost NO rsps's would run on my laptop except "soulplay" because it has a launcher. other than that none would run. i downloaded the latest Java version, and jdk, and i set the the path in my enviroment variables, but they still wouldn't run. please help me thanks! - Jor aka PRO