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  1. New Updates: [1] • [Blaze][May 15th, 2018] - Modified Bronze Dragons drop table to support; Coins, Adamant Bars, Rune Bars, Shield Right Half, Starved Effigy's, & Bronze Dragon Mask [2] • [Blaze][May 15th, 2018] - Modified Iron Dragons drop table to support; Coins, Adamant Bars, Rune Bars, Shield Right & Left Half, Starved Effigy's, Iron Dragon Mask, & Draconic Visage [3] • [Blaze][May 15th, 2018] - Modified Steel Dragons drop table to support; Coins, Adamant Bars, Rune Bars, Shield Right & Left Half, Starved Effigy's, Steel Dragon Mask, Draconic Visage, & Fire Battlestaff [4] • [Blaze][May 15th, 2018] - Modified Mithril Dragons drop table to support; Coins, Adamant Bars, Rune Bars, Shield Right Half, Starved Effigy's, Mithril Dragon Mask, Dragon Platebody, Dragon Platelegs, & Dragon Plateskirt [5] • [Blaze][May 15th, 2018] - You can now shoo-away Stray Dogs [6] • [Blaze][May 16th, 2018] - Voting reward commands have been implemented [7] • [Trent][May 16th, 2018] - Fixed Multicombat Zones [8] • [Blaze][May 16th, 2018] - Raised exp rates, they were to low after the nerf [9] • [Blaze][May 17th, 2018] - Admins no longer require materials to build their house [10] • [Trent][May 18th, 2018] - Fixed 99 stat achievement annoucement, as-well as 200m xp annoucement [11] • [Blaze][May 19th, 2018] - Woodcutting now supports Resource Packs (Any Trees or Ivy) [12] • [Blaze][May 19th, 2018] - Prayer now supports Resource Packs (Regular Burying, Bones on Alter, & Scattering Ash) [13] • [Blaze][May 19th, 2018] - Herblore now supports Resource Packs (Cleaning Herbs) [14] • [Blaze][May 19th, 2018] - Thieving now supports Resource Packs (Thieving Stalls) [15] • [Blaze][May 19th, 2018] - Fletching now supports Resource Packs (Fletching Logs) [16] • [Blaze][May 19th, 2018] - Fishing now supports Resource Packs (All fish & fishing spots) [17] • [Blaze][May 19th, 2018] - Resource Packs now support Magic & Yew Logs [18] • [Trent][May 20th, 2018] - Fixed Gold Nymphs (They now give you rewards) [19] • [Blaze][May 20th, 2018] - Dagganoth Kings ladder has been fixed (You can get to dags kings now) [20] • [Blaze][May 20th, 2018] - Wrote BurthorpeAgility class & object methods (Burthorpe Agility now works) [21] • [Blaze][May 20th, 2018] - Changed Master Capes requirement to 104m XP [22] • [Blaze][May 20th, 2018] - Implemented 104m XP annoucements [23] • [Blaze][May 20th, 2018] - Implemented 138 Combat world annoucement [24] • [Blaze][May 20th, 2018] - H.A.M Males, Females, & Guards have a chance of throwing you into jail when pickpocketing [25] • [Blaze][May 20th, 2018] - You can now picklock your way free from the H.A.M Jail Cell
  2. A-lot have updates have been implemented! Checkout our Patch updates to stay up to date with all our updates! There is so much more coming for Nova Genesis!
  3. [About Nova Genesis] Nova Genesis is an upcoming 742 that started 3 years ago as a learning project. I jumped around with build numbers, and finally decided to stay with 742. We'd like to offer a more stable, content packed server for players to enjoy, exp rates will be slower compared to most servers to give our players an overall more enjoyable & longer journey, as we focus to implement most the main game content to bring the nostalgic feelings back, we will be adding our own features. Our Alpha & Beta stage were pretty successful, we've gotten good feedback, & had some time to fix and modify tons of stuff, making the economy more stable as-well as offering players a more bug free environment. [Credits] • Blaze • Makar • Jtlr Frost • Dylan • Marley • Miles • The Matrix Team Website Community Voting Download [Meet The Team!] [Blaze] Hello possible future players, my name is Blaze. I am the Founder & Main Developer of Nova Genesis. I work very closely with the development team, regular staff, & the players, to ensure everything runs smooth and if anything that needs taken care of pops up it simply gets taken care of. I probably interact with the staff team & players more than I should, but I do it to ensure I've always got staff, and player input & suggestions to keep things rolling, to keep everything fun! [Dylan] Hello, I'm DylanPage95(aka Dyln1010), I've been programming properly for about a year now. I started teaching myself several years ago, you may have seen me around. Blaze and I have worked together in the past on some projects but this time I will be helping Blaze out with Nova Genesis from time to time. Cant wait to meet you all in-game. Thanks for your time - Dyln1010 [Marley] Hey fellas, I'm Marley. Some of you might have seen me around in the past few months as my previous project 'Caveira' was pretty popular. This unfortunately ended, but I'm still around to help the Nova Genesis team. I believe with the right amount of passion this could become something great for the RSPS community around the globe, this still has that nostalgic feeling for Runescape, before it went to shit. Hope to see you around! [Sage] Hey I'm Sage, an Admin of Nova Genesis I'm close friends with Blaze and have been with him throughout the development of the project and have even contributed some of the ideas for the game that have been put into place. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in-game and meeting some new people. [Jordan] Hey everyone my name is Jordan and I will be looking after the well being of the players here on Nova Genesis. I will be your go to mod for anything that is on your mind, feel free to drop me a message in game or on discord! [Game Features] • Barbarian Training • Teleportation Overrides • Player based Grand Exchange • Ironman • Botany Bay • NPC Capture System • Suggestion Manager • Bounty Hunter • Prestiege System • Referral System • Name Changing • Custom Titles • Falador Drop Party • Raids • Boss Mobs • Boss Instances • Penguin Hide and Seek • Dark Invasion • Assassin's Skill • Unlockable Lodestones • Evil Tree • Skiller Tasks • XP Well • Shooting Stars • Random Events (Abyss, DrillDemon, EvilBob, RunePinball, SandwichLady) • Sinkholes (Randomized resource dungeon to harvest) • Quests [Additional Features] • Bank Pins • Portable Bank Deposit • Wilderness Revenants • Gem Bag • Changeable Home System • Salt Water Spa • Thermal Spa • Resource Dungeons • In-Game Screenshots with prnt scr • Unlockable 2nd Bank • Clan Banks • Clan PvM, PvP, and Gathered Resource highscores • Oziach supports DFS creation • All skills support strange rocks • Agility supports Ape Atoll Agility Course & Agility Arena • Slayer supports co-op tasks • Crafting supports ClayMoulding • Fishing supports Barb-Tail Harpoons • Woodcutting supports; Birds Nest;s, & Bloodwood Trees • Thieving supports LockPicking & a wall safe you can crack • Firemaking supports Bonfires, Firelighters, lighting Fire Arrows, Flame Gloves, Ring of Fire, & Fire Spirits • Chicken Fights • Fruit Cutting • Fully functional Clan System • Toolbelt [Bosses] • Godwars • King Black Dragon • Bork • Kalphite Queen • Dagannoth Kings • Tormented Demons • Queen Black Dragon • Corporeal Beast • Nex • Wilderness Wyrm • Yk'Lagor The Thunderous • Blink • Sunfreet • Leeuni • Vorago [Minigames] • Barrows • Castle Wars • Clan Wars • Crucible • Dominion Tower • Duel Arena • Fight Caves • Fight Kiln • Fist Of Guthix • Freeze Tag • Recipe For Disaster • Lava Flow Mines • Livid Farmining • Pest Control • Pest Invastion • Puro Puro • Rune Span • Sorceresses Garden • Stealing Creation • Troll Invasion • Warriors Guild [Quests] • Dragon Slayer • Dwarf Cannon • Ernest the Chicken • Lost City, Restless Ghost • Rune Mysteries • Vampyre Slayer [Media]