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  1. This is something I want to work on. However, what I need is to find a good Server/Client that best fits my criteria. I will be doing this hunt for a while. This is my idea and as Mama Zaros once told me, "Your ideas are yours alone, World Guardian," And so let me begin : When Starting the Game You will be introduced to the Log-In Screen. You will create your character with the follow procedures. Note that the Player acknowledges that if you die 3 times.. the player's stats are reset. Achievements are not reset, only the stats as well as faction-based relationships. (Literally everything is reset). Of course there are NPCs that give the player more than 3 lives. 1. Introducing the Character Customization GUI Window. 2. Location, you are in a strange world which is Client-Sided. It appears to be a NPC of some-sort which will explain to you what's up. It will ask the question, "Are you ready to choose your destiny?" What can happen : A) We create a GUI for the player to choose their Class : Merchant, Lumberjack, Fisherman, Tailor, Hunter, Blacksmith, or Farmer. Those are the only Classes. B) Next a NPC response system is made. The player gets to choose the Faction they wish to join : 1-- Falador, The White Knights 2 -- Varrock; The Order of Arrav 3 -- Lumbridge; The Sheepfolk 4 -- Sophanem; The People of the Kharidian Desert 5 -- Camelot; Knights of the Round 6 -- Ardougne; People of the Plague 7 -- Neitiznot (Nay-Tiz-Not) 8 -- Jatizso (Ja-Tiz-So) 9 -- Miscellania 10 -- Etceteria 11 -- Lunar Island 12 -- Zanaris 13 -- Canfis 14 -- Port Phasmatys 15 -- Mos Le'Harmless 16 -- Ape Atol 17 -- Gnome Stronghold 18 -- Pirate's Cove 19 -- Taverley Dungeon (Black Knight's Base) 20 -- Much, Much, More... ----------------------- Anyway, once one of the factions are chosen, the player then is able to begin their life. Hunger, Thirst, and Stamina The Game is based off Hunger and Thirst. You need food and water to survive. Food no longer heals you but rather it gives you Hunger Points. Also, you cannot eat food if you reached your Hunger and Thirst Point Limit. Stamina is also replenished through Hunger and Thirst, so eat and drink wisely. When you are out of Hunger = Your skill points decrease and your Stamina Decreases. When you are out of Thirst = Your skill points decrease and your Stamina Decreases. When you are out of Stamina = You're just out of Stamina. When you are Out of Hunger and Thirst = You begin to Lose Hit-Points overtime. Every hour while in-game, you lose 5 hunger and thirst points. Stamina usually is used during the game. You use Stamina instead of skills. Using Stamina Stamina is used when using skills and combat. When you use a skill, you lose 1 skill point but you don't lose stamina. If you don't have any skill points, your stamina is decreased instead. If you are out of Stamina and you do not have any skill points to train that skill for Prestige Points, then you are unable to use that skill or fight in combat. Combat and Life Levels Your Combat Level is still based off your Combat skills. However, your total Life Level will also play a role. Having certain Combat, Life, and Overall skills allows the player to be qualified in certain benefits in the game which will increase their likeability of survival. Healing and Replenishing Skill Points Player use potions to heal. Potions are also used to replenish Skill points when doing skills. This makes skilling difficult. Skills, Prestige Skills = Do not gain experience Prestige Points = Can make you gain experience for your Skills Rank, Grade, Tier, and Level Rank = Defines the Class of Item. (Dull, Common, Rare, Unique, etc,) Grade = Defines the Quality of the Item. (Based off F, E, D, C, B, A, S) Tier = Defines the Strength of the Item (Based off a Number) Level = Defines the Overall usefulness of the Item. (By examining the weapon, shows the level.) Max Rank = Mythic. [Dull] [Basic] [Common] [Uncommon] [Rare] [Unique] [Heroic] [Celestial] [Divine] [Epic] [Legendary] [Mythic] [Primordial] (Not yet implemented) Max Grade = S. F -- Lowest E -- Lower D -- Low C -- Average B -- High A -- Higher S -- Highest Z -- Best (Not Yet Implemented) Max Tier = X. I = 1 II = 2 III = 3 IV = 4 V = 5 VI = 6 VII = 7 VIII = 8 IX = 9 X = 10 Max Level = 10. For example : A [Legendary] IX Bronze Dagger (S) Examine : This weapon is Level 5. A [Mythic] X Steel Longsword (S) Examine : This weapon is Level 10. The [Mythic] X Steel Longsword (S) is stronger than a [Dull] I Rune Longsword (F) How does Magic work? Runes are Consumed and placed as Point-Systems. This allows the player not to have a Cramped Inventory Space. In addition. Magic is based off Skill-Points meaning, using Magic is difficult. However, with potions, boosted magic is applied allowing the player to use spells. Each spell costs 1 Skill point. However, spells must be purchased. Teleportation The Spellbook has no Teleportation. There is only traveling by Ship, Teleportation Nodes, and going by cart. Note that when you are Commerce or War is engaged within certain areas, one cannot use these Teleportation Nodes, Ships, or travel by Cart. Commerce This disables using Teleportation Nodes to head to one place and another. There are Commerce Carts and Commerce Ships. Players in Commerce Mode cannot use Carts, Ships, or Teleportation Nodes. They can only use Commerce Ships and Carts. Commerce is one of the only ways to make coin in the game. How does this game work? 1. Food does not heal you. Food and Drinks decrease your Hunger and Increase your Stamina in the game. 2. Potions heal you as well replenish your skill points. 3. Skill is not based on what you can do, rather it is based off points. This means, that if you use a skill, you lose points from that skill. This is why Potions are neccessary. 4. To notify if your hunger is high, a GUI system showing colored food is represented. 5. There are only Livestock to kill. 6. There are various types of Bronze Tier-Based, Enchant Based, and Grade-Based Weapons; with many variations. 7. Making Coin is difficult in the game. It is gained by doing tasks for NPCs and even doing such tasks it is difficult. 8. Players have their own Home using their Construction Skill. 9. Skills will not give experience, instead they give Prestige points for you to spend for gaining experience in the specific skill you wish to train. 10. Game is also based off Prestige. 11. There is a Soul Merchant who sells Lives to players. The Lives are expensive. There are various types of Soul Merchants, some will desire PVP Points, some will require coin, some will require other means. There is one Soul Merchant who will allow the player to have infinite lives, there is also a Soul Merchant who can make the player into a God. (God weapons can only kill God Players). 12. You can become an Immortal, Undead, Demi-God, God. Life in Gielinor Here are the Classifications of Life : 1. There are Mortals (Iron Man) who are based off a System of Lives. [Everyone starts off as an Iron Man Mortal; 3 lives or more] 2. There are Mortals who are based off a System of Infinite Lives. 3. There are Undead who are based off a System of Infinite Lives, but health regenerates when life reaches 50% health; can only be activated 1 per game-hour. 4. There are Immortals who are based off a System of not dying; can only be killed by Divine+ Items/npcs 5. There are Gods who are based off a System of not dying; can only be killed by Mythic, Blessed, Holy, Unholy, and God Items/npcs. Soul Merchants : They give players lives. There are various types of Soul Merchants that grant other rewards such as having infinite lives, being undead, immortal. Achieving Godhood --> The Stone Of Jas. Which is a special event that occurs when going through a certain trial in the game. However, achieving Godhood has its price. If you die, your game gets reset. The NPCS are Mythical Ranked Monsters making even an Immortal penetrable to death. Death When you die for the first time, you will see the Grim Reaper, he will explain to you that you have the [number] of lives left. And that you should be careful. Dying makes you lose all of your items you have equipped on you. Factions Each Faction varies; there will be a book about all of the Factions in the game explaining the PROs, Cons, Benefits, as well as Current Allies, Enemies, and Treaties. When the Game begins, PVP kills determines the chances of another faction becoming enemies with another faction. Here are the following : 1. The more kills of another faction are committed, the higher chance those factions will go to war. NPC raids will appear nearby allowing players to develop their combat skill training. 2. If a Player from the same faction kills another player from the same faction, they gain notoriety. Faction Based Kill : Can affect if Factions will become enemies. (War for a certain amount of time) Faction Based Commerce : Can affect if Factions will become allies. (Peace for a certain amount of time) Notoriety : When a player kills an ally or a player in the same faction, Notoriety is increased. When you reach 100 Notoriety, you are removed from the Faction. You can then join any faction to where you have no Notoriety with Faction-Based Notoriety : When a player outside of a Faction or an enemy with a Faction kills another player, they gain Notoriety. Note : Notoriety can be decreased by giving Donations to other factions, and even making donations are difficult. Another way is to Worship a God that the Faction is affiliated with.