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  1. Under 50 registers away from 1k! Super exciting milestone. Make sure not to miss out on this weekend events! http://i.imgur.com/qOKvaas.png
  2. 7/19/17 Make sure to re-download the launcher. We have updated the launchers networking. You will never have to do this again after re-downloading (this applies to everyone not just manual down-loaders) Link: http://rigour-ps.com/serverassets/launcher.jar Items Armadyl buckler stats have been fixed Elite void stats have been fixed Issue with Slayer helmet on males in 602 is finally fixed XP lamp (in vote shop) has been coded, can be another reason to save those vote points! Weapons Crystal bow has been added Crystal shield has been added Crystal bow stats and requirements have been set Crystal shield stats and requirements have been set Crystal items will not degrade NPC's Ilfeen has been added to home, you can take your crystal seeds to her to turn into a bow or shield Shops Crystal seed has been added to the blood money shop, it is also dropped by zulrah! Fixed a bug in the untradeables shop A huge new cosmetic shop has been added, check the images below! Healer hat has been added to the Slayer shop The vote shop has had a rework Misc. You can no longer obtain extreme ranging flasks via potion making Trading Post You can no longer add items with no definitions set to the Trading Post If you have an item with no definition set previously in the Trading post, you can now remove it Cane's now properly show in the Trading Post Ring of Wealth Fixed an error occuring with Ring of Wealth and doubling drop logic Zulrah Adjusted the Zulrah teleport timer in regards to how soon the battle begins Fixed an issue with serpentine helms and toxic blow pipes uncharging Game Modes You are no longer able to move from Legend -> Extreme mode with equipment on Networking The issue appearing of "No response from login server" should now be properly fixed Cache download speeds should be significantly faster! Images
  3. 7/14/17 Welcoming Game Modes to Rigour! Since our Max competition has ended we have gone ahead and created 4 different modes that players can choose to play in. This is easily our most requested topic, as we receive daily mass amounts of messages asking about XP rates. Our current XP mode will be transferred to the "Legend" equivalent. Make sure to read the update below carefully. Novice (5000x combat XP, 300x skilling XP) - Built for PvP Option to use ::pure to max all combat stats besides defence (must be in Edgeville bank) Every hit is reduced by 15% damage Lower than average drop rate (15% decrease) Regular (500x combat XP, 125 skilling XP) - Built for the average player Normal drop rate 5% increase cash from PvM Caskets Legend (50x combat XP, 30x skilling XP) - Built for the semi grinder Infinite prayer outside of the wilderness Cape of legends, +5 attack stats, +15 defence stats, +2 str bonus Higher drop rates (1.25x drop rates compared to regular mode) Special attack bar restores quicker than regular mode Potions drain 12% slower than regular 1% damage increase on all hits (except duel arena) 10% increase in cash from casket drops Extreme (10x combat XP, 15x skilling XP) - Built for the grinder Extreme Sword (the equivalent of a dragon scimitar but ability to use from level 1) Infinite prayer everywhere outside of wilderness, in the wilderness it drains at a 25% slower rate Special attack bar restores even quicker than the Legend mode Corrupt armor takes twice as long to degrade fully 1.5x drop rates compared to regular mode 3% damage increase on all hits (except duel arena) 15% increase of cash from PvM Caskets Ironmen Ironmen XP rates will now match whichever mode you are currently playing in Q and A How do I lower my status? The Combat Instructor found outside of Edgeville bank can lower your status, but not raise it. You must destroy your cape or sword on him before doing so. (destroying items only applies for legendary and extreme) How does my current XP rates transfer? Upon logging in, your account will automatically transfer to the Legend mode, and a cape will either appear in your inventory or in your bank (if your inventory is full), you are then free to choose if you want to continue at Legend rates or drop to easier rates Do I get a title? Yes, your title will reflect your current XP mode Maxed Players! We'd like to congratulate our first 5 to max! @Fiora @Azian @A @ohos @Homer We will be in touch with you ASAP to sort your winnings! - Rigour Team
  4. 7/12/17 Remember to re-run your launcher or re-download the manual! Fletching Fletching no longer randomly results in losing u bows or negative XP (includes bruma roots) NPC's Spiritual mages no longer drop burnt diaries (was meant to be dragon boots) Shops Rope has been added to the Gardening supplies shop (construction bell pull) The cook's shop is now unlimited Runes in the magic weapon shop are now unlimited Buying an amount of an item greater than the amount of space in your inventory will no longer result in you losing your money, and more items getting taken out of stock. Your amount bought and amount removed from the shop is set to the amount of free spaces left in your inventory Range weapon shop ammo's have been bumped so they will not be bought out Herblore shop now has unlimited ingredients (not herbs) When selling to the general store items now organize in a linear order, instead of randomly placed in the shop Buying and selling to the general store works properly now Smelting Smelting animation fixed on OSRS Smelting 5 mithril bars option no longer brings up message about goliath gloves Construction Gilded altar now boosts prayer XP by x1.2 Hunter Two people can no longer catch an impling at the same time Dragon impling respawn times have been doubled You can no longer teleport and put on falconry gloves at the same time You can now catch butterflies even with a full inventory of jars Increased the range of red chinchompa hunting area Hunter npcs can no longer be instantly caught by placing traps under their spawn location Warriors Guild Warriors guild tokens are now untradeable and destroyable Cyclops at warriors guild now walk Warriors guild token bug is now fixed. Every minute 10 tokens will be deducted from your inventory Ancient Magicks Corrupt degraded zuriels staff can still be used for the miasmic barrage spell (will light up the icon in the magic tab aswell when you hover over the spell) Items Armadyl buckler protect value has been adjusted Ring of wealth and ring of wealth (i) protect values have been adjusted Zenyte items protection values have been upped Phoenix necklace is now fixed, works proper to OSRS wiki Blood Money Shop The blood money shop had a few item prices adjusted Slayer The deadly red spiders at the mound north of the lava dragons no can count towards your wilderness spider tasks Wilderness tasks now give 18 points per task, and cost 5 points to cancel Removed Zenyte jewelry from the slayer store for the time being Clue Scrolls The clue scroll "the beasts to my east snap claws and tails. The rest to my west can slide and eat fish..." has been moved to the correct location per OSRS wiki The coordinate clue that requires using the magic carpet after shanty pass now has an NPC with a teleport to bring you there Prayer Big bones XP rates have been nerfed, they were previously equal to baby dragon bones Prayer switches now don't take as long to activate Potions The time between drinking potions is now correct Zulrah Zulrah's defence has been brought back to before we buffed it. But it will still sometimes hit through prayer Lottery When you've won a lottery and are offline you will now get the correct prize given to you Ironmen Ironmen can now access the stardust shop When you die as a Ultimate Ironman you no longer degrade to a regular Ironman Images
  5. Make sure if you have our manual version to re-download! If you have the normal launcher, just re-run! *Note* If you have bought a Ring of wealth scroll, you can now redeem it in-game. (Usually we post images, but we'd rather get back to busting bug! More images will in the updates to come!) Slayer Level 88 dagannoths now work when on a task Cave horrors now work when on a task Rock slugs now work when on a task Cave crawlers now work when on a task (frem. dungeon) Hellhounds now work when on a task Cockatrice head no longer announces as a "nonset" Choosing the open shop dialog option on the team-slayer master no longer opens a random shop Combat Combat rates have been slightly buffed PvM Caskets Buffed the PvM casket rewards on all levels Barrows Barrows rates have been buffed from the Chest Fletching Magic bows no longer fletch into yew longbows NPC's Spiritual mages no longer drop charms per Wiki The hill giant's drop table has been updated per Wiki More lizardman brutes have been spawned in the Shaman area Visage drop rate has been nerfed slightly on Lava dragons and Frost dragons Clan Chat The clan chat text color has been changed to make it easier to read Quests Dwarf cannon quest no longer causes players to crash when in the dialog Ironmen Ironmen can now access the hunter shop Ironmen can now sell items in the general store Ironmen can now get pouches and shards from the Summoning shop Ironmen can now access the RFD Shop Ironmen can now access the vote shop Ironmen can now use the slayer shop Shops You can no longer clear a shops un-noted items by entering a value greater than 28 Sharks have received a price nerf, while manta's have received a price buff Teleports Giant mole is no longer on the 'Bosses' teleports twice Thieving Spice price is no longer a lower price than the first three stall items Hero thieving has had a slight buff (you won't fail as often) Hero thieving no longer counts towards achievement (completed pickpocket) if you fail Well of Goodwill Well of Goodwill now spawns in the correct location now Crafting Using a chisel on a gem no longer removes the chisel, the gem will be replaced with tips Fight Caves Fixed a few NPC's that weren't aggro when doing fight caves (they wouldn't come towards you when in the minigame) Cerberus The "Arroooo" attack from Cerberus has been nerfed Poison After curing poison your HP orb will return to red Tokhaar Kal Tokhaar-kal now counts as a fire cape for killing Ice Strykwyrms Warriors Guild You can now leave the Warriors guild room properly (before it asked for 100 tokens in order to leave the room Magic Magic accuracy has been increased, you should be hitting more frequently Verac's flail Verac's flail speed has been adjusted to Wiki Commands You can no longer use setlevel to set your HP below 10 The ::changepass command now works properly RFD A bug where you could skip through the rounds in RFD has been patched Donator Zone Aquanites are no longer aggro in the Donator slayer zone Edgeville Dungeon A set of doors in Edgeville dungeon now works properly Hunter Hunter box and snare rates have been increased Auto retaliate When on auto retaliate, npcs wont stop you from running Voting Added some new items to the vote shop, adjust some pricing Ring of wealth scroll The ring of wealth scroll will no longer have issues when redeeming from store Giant Mole Now drops noted yew longs instead of un-noted Ganodermic Beast Drop table has been updated, new weapons (chaotic's) and some barrow pieces - Rigour Team
  6. Lots of videos up and around! Make sure to show some love on them Forum members are almost to 270+ remember to register and join the community! Redirect: https://www.rigour-ps.com/forum/
  7. Having some fun testing a few mini-games with staff! Exciting stuff, down to 2 days until launch!Make sure if you haven't register here: https://www.rigour-ps.com/forum/
  8. Quick bump, getting excited for release this Saturday! Make sure if you haven't to come visit us at https://www.rigour-ps.com/forum/
  9. 7/3/17 Weapons and Items Fixed special attack gfx heights Fixed vesta spear and statius hammer special gfx Made 474 and 602 eras use the same animation for whips so it doesnt look on when on either revision When you drop an item on the floor your mining animation will now reset and your mining will stop cleaned up the dropitems method when i player dies Player Following Fixed player following method to stop safespot at a certain distance Fixed up some following logic so players walk around more objects when following etc You will now run towards the npc when first clicked and you will face it the whole time Stopped player following if player is doing agility Hunter Removed 2 impling types that were spawned outside of puro puro entagnle, bind, snare all work on npcs puro puro snaring of implings now works puro puro impling push thru wheat packet is now correct impling timers changed. Low tier = 30 second respawn Mid tier = 1 min respawn High tier = 1 min 30 second respawn Implings spawn in different locations across puro puro Removed hunter npc that shouldnt be in the list. Added missing npcs that are hunter into the marker that classes the npc as hunter Made hunter npcs walk more Objects Fixed wilderness course gates which had some conflicting issues Fixed well of goodwill object so it correctly updates the object and doesnt keep it in memory when the well is activated Fixed double doors, so old objects will be removed from game object list, before they stacked and was creating unneccesary checks If an object is removed, it will now remove the clipping for that object in that tile Added few checks in walking class, Added checks in packetmanager class for object clicking actions/changes for 'in theory' better object clicking processing Fixed some castlewars related object issues Fixed all objects and doors, they should work 100% properly now Fixed rope swing in the deep wildy course, its much smoother now remove the objects that lead to the swamp area and the random fire giant place NPC's Made abyss npc move around (runecrafting abyss) Added some more dust devil spawns Fixed aggro npcs logic, whereby if player is in combat with another entity, another aggro npc will not stop the fight and wait till one of the target they can attack is available Green dragons, white wolfs, dark wizards etc now walk around their spawn points Dust devils now walk around the map Fixed a bug with npcs, whereby if an npc is aggro on you however it cannot attack you due to an obstacle, would cause your character to come out of trading once traded. This is no longer the case and the logic is fixed Removed some excess npcs from GWD Dice Battle modified dice battle trade now shows correctly cleaned some dice battle stuff, fixed a few bugs with it checked for noted items when in dice battle screen added missing "Offer 5" and "Offer 10" packets in dice battle interface Fixed a conflict between dicing and trading when in the dicezone Added missing checks to dice battle system to ensure player has items to prevent malicious activities You can now only offer up to 27 items in a dice battle Added a notification so that if dice items are modified, your opponent will know Added missing checks for inventory checks for certain scenario (more dupe prevention) Misc. make it so you can right click items on interface when in the npc drop checker interface Fight pits now start counting down from 5 minutes, before beginning a game Handled and unhandled packet (35) Fixed webs, so clipping is removed/added back when web spawns back. Webs now work fine Perfected pick locking at pirates hut Home location and shops have been finalized Images
  10. Small update, Since we have full construction, we obviously need a large area for cutting logs for planks. Finished that up, hopefully it will supply enough. There are a few others located across Rigour as-well. Stay tuned! Going to roll out a size-able update at some point today
  11. Working on some home location layouts! Fun stuff ahead, getting excited Make sure if you haven't to check out the forums and sign up: https://www.rigour-ps.com/forum/
  12. Official Release has been announced! Check out the full thread here. You may be applicable for a rank refund! We're excited to see you all in-game, make sure if you haven't to register here. And join in on the conversations with our discord! here.