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  1. Benny

    Coder Needed.

    Hello my name's Ben, I've been in RsPs since 2007. I've mostly been around RsPs and done web sided things. This is why i am looking for a coder to help me on a journey. Want to know more and help in the journey? Skype me on Ben.m.prior King Regards, Ben
  2. Benny

    GodzHell Package

    Played this server like 10 years ago! Loved it!
  3. What help do you need help with? King Regards, Benny
  4. Hey dude, i'm looking for a partner! If you wanna talk about it email me [email protected]! King Regards Benny
  5. Would you be interested in having a partner?
  6. Benny

    OldSkool RsPs

    Hello, My names Benny some of you may remember me from way back in 2010-2015 from running Helix-World, Soul-Xile, and many more. Ive recently been thinking of starting a community back up. But would want a team to make sure we are successful. So if you want to do a project and bring back what was once the greatest RsPs get in touch with me! So you want to get in touch? PM me on here or get in touch at '[email protected]' and we can see what we can do! i look forward to hearing from you and look forward to coming back to the RsPs community. Kind Regards, Benny