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  1. 04/13/2018 Server updates: Barrows items are now unlimited in the Grand Exchange and also a few other items. Fixed a typo when stealing from the scimitar stall & crafting stall. You can now create spirit shields (85 smithing & 90 prayer required). Revenants freeze has now it's correct delay (5 seconds). Added 120 capes to the shop & added their requirements.
  2. The home has been changed, multiples persons said that the home was not really good or whatever, so here you go:
  3. 04/09/2018 Server updates: Maps are now fixed, certain regions were broken (rimmington, white knight camp, goblin village & etc). Fixed where certain messages were not appearing to be upper of the chat box (private messaging & system update). Added links in the Novite book (voting, website & webstore). XP rates have been changed (100x combat & 50x skilling). Squeal of Fortune have been added.
  4. 04/07/2018 Server updates: Fixed a packet in the encoder. Added all voices to K'ril Tsutsaroth & General Graardor. 5 Controllers interfaces have been updated to 718. Fixed where the Corporeal Beast warning interface were not closing when pressing "Enter the cavern". Fixed where you follower details were not appearing in the SoF tab.
  5. 03/29/2018 Server updates: You can now blow glass (correct animation, delay, levels, experience, messages). A way better starter items have been added, a value of 597k Fixed where boss kill counts were rested when logging out. The customise option in the worn equipment tab will now show an interface (I will need to find the vars to make it work fully).
  6. The thread has been redone and detailed about what the server has to offer and etcetera, 45+ media has also been added.
  7. 03/23/2018 Server updates: Regular donators have a XP boost of 1.3x and super donators have a XP boost of 1.6x. Added better loots for the thieving stalls. You can now create a dragonfire shield using the anvil with the required stat & items. You can now use the bars on the anvil to open up the interface.
  8. 03/22/2018 Server updates: Added back the option to change your slayer task (fee of 75k). Updated again 100+ NPC combat definitions (HP, attack speed, max hits & combat scripts to 2012). Dungeoneering tokens rate have been increased, at level 80 you may be able to have one chaotic item. You can now forge godsword blades.
  9. Thanks. 03/19/2018 Server updates: The grimy marrentill & tarromin have now their right level & experience. Added the 3 god's books to the equipment shop. (Chad's suggestion). You can now select the difficulty of your slayer task you want (easy, medium & hard). Updated NPC bonuses, combat definitions & some combat scripts to 2012 ones (still missing some, I will complete it tho).
  10. 03/17/2018 Server updates: Increased the speed of stealing from the stalls. Capitalized all names needed in the achievement interface (Joseph's suggestion). Fixed crawling hands slayer level and added 1 new task. 104m annoucement have been added. The noticeboard will now show your slayer task and the amount to kill (Chad's suggestion).
  11. Updates from the past few days: Thieving stall class has been rewritten. Cooking class has been rewritten. Added a stove at home, so you won't need a fire always to cook your food Updated the starter and fixed a typo in it. Added the "back..." option to the PvP teleport dialogue (I must have forgot to add the option when I did the dialogue). Fixed where purchasing a reward from the daemonheim rewards shop were not refreshing the tokens amount after buying an item. Rewritten 10+ dialogues. Packet repository have been redone (the way Matrix did it was pretty bad). - OT, the server will be launching the 16 March if everything going well.
  12. Updates from the past few days: Daemonheim rewards interface is now working. Custom dungeoneering completed (3 rooms with one boss also includes frozen, abandoned, furnished, occult and warped floors). Updated the requirements for the max cape & completionist cape + fixed a bug where you were not able to get the capes if your max level was higher. 2 Resource dungeons have been added. Low alchemy & high alchemy are now working. Cassie is now selling master capes (the others 120 capes will be added later on). In certain controllers you will not be able to use the Novite book. Limited the polypore staff from the Grand Exchange (you will be able to make it in the future). Removed the skills achievements, it was pretty much useless (they will be replaced by something else later on). The noticeboard will now show how many players there is in the wilderness. - If you are interested in this project, you can join us: https://discord.gg/H2pBWEj
  13. Website is up, you can visit us at: http://novite.org/
  14. A bit earlier but, the beta is now online, you can download the client by clicking this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k01okpx5c5...0Beta.jar?dl=0 - Discord: https://discord.gg/H2pBWEj - OT, you can spawn items, master so you are able to test everything you want.