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  1. I completely forgot about Luke Cage! Huge fan of Marvel here. I'll check that out first, thanks!
  2. Hi, So, I've recently began using Netflix again after not using it for a couple of years. I'm currently struggling to decide what Netflix TV shows to check out, so I've come to ask you guys for help to recommend me what Netflix TV shows I should check out. Daredevil is currently on my mind, but the movie was a huge disappointment, and I don't want Daredevil to disappoint me yet again. What Netflix TV shows do you guys recommend me to check out? What Netflix TV shows are you guys currently watching? I enjoy watching documentaries/histories the most. TV shows I'm currently watching are The Walking Dead, The Flash, and Lethal Weapon. Those aren't Netflix TV shows though.
  3. Is Legacy PK still alive? I'm unable to get onto its website/forum. It would be sad if it has shutdown already, it seemed quite promising...
  4. You guys got me for a good few seconds...Well done.
  5. I vote for @Droxcy's entry. Good luck to all.
  6. I still prefer TeamSpeak over all other VoIPs, but I do have Discord downloaded on my PC. I'll stop by to say hi and have a quick chat over the weekend.
  7. Thank you, @Cart! How long have you been an Admin now? Very belated congratulations.
  8. Hi, I've decided to return to what I once loved being a part of - RuneLocus. I joined RuneLocus in 2008 and I was on it every single day up until it devastatingly lost all its data in 2010(?)...It sure saddened me when that happened, and I'm sure many others were saddened by it as well. I joined RuneLocus in 2008 purely to gain knowledge and learn the basics of programming (mainly Java). I created my very own RSPS just months after what happened to RuneLocus in 2010. It lasted just over 7 months and had an active playerbase of 70-90, which had sometimes peaked at 100 during the weekends. I had to shut it down and move on as I had to focus more on life at the time. I've still been lurking RuneLocus as a guest since 2010 - not very often, but I have been. I have, however, been lurking a lot more since the beginning of this year and I have been wanting to properly be a part of RuneLocus like I once was, so I finally decided to re-create an account. I'm extremely glad to see RuneLocus is still going after all these years and everything it has been through. It for sure seems a lot stronger now than what it was before. I still recognize many names, haha... ...I'm 22 years old, and from the UK. I like video games, listening to music, writing, helping people, and learning about history (there's a lot of that). I'm a huge movie fanatic - you name it, I've seen it. I like to discuss and review movies, so you'll most likely see a lot of that from me. My passion is definitely the forum environment, because I do enjoy building conversations, and different camaraderie with people on them. I work at a warehouse as a Supervisor/Team Leader full time. When I'm not working or at home on the PC, I'm normally with my girlfriend or at the gym. Oh, one thing I forgot to mention that I like, is travelling. My lifetime goal is to visit every country on Earth. I started playing RS in 2004, but I stopped playing it in 2013. I only played OSRS for a few months after it got released. I do, however, go on RSPS' when I feel like it. I don't exactly play them, I normally gain knowledge of them and then share my own ideas to the Owners to help them improve their RSPS. The main thing I do is find game breaking bugs, which I then report to the Owners, of course. Anyhow, that is all. Feel free to ask me anything down below.