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  1. Welcome back! - Think you'd want to work on a server now?PM Me
  2. 1) Yellow 2) Dogs 3) Invisible 4) supernatural powers 5) Shemale coz boobs 6) Pizza 7) Go outer space 8) Christmas 9) Rap 10) Murder your mom or daughter - both, fuck bitches
  3. Wings_

    Three Word Story

    sensation down her
  4. I may need some of your services, I've pm'd
  5. All OOP or will there be spaghetti I have to clear up?
  6. Wings_

    What is your occupation?

    Seems like there are lots of interesting people here now vs when I was here last! I'm a project manager and consultant for multiple businesses - as it turns out hard work and dedication outweighs an education everytime
  7. Thank you all for the welcomes! And Raw - I've sent you a PM
  8. Hey everyone, My name is Wings_ or W, for a while now I have been thinking about setting up a RSPS, and after a lot of pondering and thought I will be doing my best to put together a winning server. I have thousands and thousands of dollars that will be going into this project so I hope that it is a success. I am actually looking for coders at the minute too so any help there would be awesome! Other than that, I have an over-the-top obsession with management and have been playing RS since 2008 and PS's since 2010, had the golden days of SS, US1, US2, BS and the rest... so I'd like to bring some of that excitement from years ago back into the marketplace! On a final note - I spent way too much time online for an adult with real-life responsibilities - W