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  1. Currently Just starting out we have been putting in a lot of behind the scenes work into our newly found server. Invictus is a 317 mixed with some Pre EoC bosses, we will be Putting out a beta soon and bringing out a website soon Any Coders/Developers/GFX People that would like to come along for the ride ( we have already brought some highly sort after servers before and will continue to do so again ) Then feel free to join up our discord : https://discord.gg/R3a5CjA
  2. Beta Server Up And Running Will Be adding Pictures etc when i can www.elvargo.eu Working fully kraken,zulrah not fully done,cerberus is added,26 Challenging bosses,24 Perfectly working skills,Full clan chat with coinshare and lootshare,Full bank system with pins and searching,Iron man modes,Full screen and resizable client with hd textures,Max,Comp and veteran capes,100% Player Owned Stalls,Loyalty program with 22 different titles and loyalty shop,Ingame hiscores & scoreboards,Bounty hunter with potentials,Curses and newest regular prayers,Quick prayers and quick curses,Pvp drops & killstreaks,Dwarf multi cannon,Chat emoticons,100+ achievments (easy,meduim,hard,elite),Wilderness bosses,25 Boss pets,Price checker,Money pouch(unlimited money)Brawler gloves,Pvp artifacts,Daily lottery,Drop logs,Bank pins,Corp with strategy ,Wilderness boss scorpia,Wilderness revenants,Wilderness boss Venenantis,Kalphite queen with forms,Bandos avatar with 7 attacks,Glacors with fire weakness,Godwars bosses,Dagannoth bosses,Frost dragons,King black dragon,Chaos elemental,Slash bash,Nomad,Antiscam duel system,Shooting stars,2 Challenging quests,Real warrior guild,Fun pest control,Barrows with tunnels,Nomad defeating,Tzhaar fight caves,Tzhaar fight pits,Graveyard arena,Crystal chest,Yell titles,Ezone and Dzone.Donator ranks:Regular Donator,Super Donator,Extreme Donator,Legendary Donator,Uber Donator,Shards Exchange(25 coins each),Reward book system with auth code,Money Pouch value on trade screen,
  3. Come try us out guys, adding new features and updating everything every single day, you could help mould a server you want to play on
  4. Welcome To RuneAwake Currently we are in beta testing and gathering proper screen shots of everything for the finished product Looking for everyone who is willing to come help out with the beta testing for official release in a few weeks time Click Me-> Official Forums <- Click Me 12 Bosses [ With Custom Bosses ] Including Nex With Armours Working D Claws With Specs GWD With KC Counter Working Summoning [ In Process of Making Dungeoneering ] Gambling Duel Arena And Much More To Come Not Everything Listed But More To Come ASAP Please feel free to come help out along the way and even stay with us for what is sure to be a great journey
  5. if your looking for any staff members add me on skype itsmiidgee
  6. Dont be fooled by my rank on here forgot all my old details as its been a year or 2 since i last did something with private servers, i use to have a great team that i worked along side but would love to get back into staffing/ even joint owning a server if your interested then i have both discord and skype so just hit me up on either Discord - iMiidgee #2944 Skype - itsmiidgee Be easier to contact me through discord as that is Always open my skype is not