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  1. Hello. DiscordLink is a big library for Discord servers. You can list your server within about 2-3 minutes work. Invite our bot and bump daily for free, you may get hundreds of extra players a month if you do it right. Click here to list your server Click here to see the premium benefits (DL will always be free) We have some amazing features that no one else has such as: You can see our media below:
  2. Here is what happens: https://i.gyazo.com/4350b34eb1a748f6f4a387380f0922f4.mp4
  3. Thrallix


    I totally forgot about this one I made it probably few months back No idea what it has, or what the codes look like, but it looks nice i guess Here you go: Download
  4. Who is the owner? Not sure if Sean, or other OS-Insanity.
  5. Thanks guys I've already posted 2 of my designs.
  6. Hey, My name is Aaron. I'm 20 years old; from the Netherlands. I've been active within the RSPS community since 2009, and I've been quite inactive since 2014-2015. I've been mostly on the other two RuneScape Private Server communities, but some of you might know me. I'll most likely be active in the Web development section. I hope that RuneLocus can offer me a good time, whilst I'm here. Nice to meet you all.
  7. Hello I've made this a while back, and I'm not entirely sure what this was. If I get positivity I'll most likely redo the entire thing and re-release it for free. Credits would be appreciated, but I guess that's out of reality. Download here Download here