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    Basicly a Downloaded and hosted Runeunity Leached server
  2. Please note that this is the one official thread for Vice RSPS. Any other advertising thread concerning this server should be deleted soon. Play Now Community forums Website Vice is a new RSPS and growing fast. We offer our players constant updates based on what they want. We truly believe the server's success must come from the community and playerbase itself. FEATURES - Active staff - Economy based server - Friendly community - Hardcore Ironman and Normal Iron Man - HD textures / Resizable screen - Curses - 25+ Bosses - 100+ achievements - Boss pets - Completionist and maxed cape - Custom minigames - Game modes - 100+ custom items - All working skills - Bank tabs - Free-for-All minigame - Gambling and lottery - Shooting stars and Evil trees - Trivia, loyalty and boss points shop - Unique Home Area - Construction NAVIGATING Vice has a sepecial teleportation tab where you can use various teleports to get to any locations in the game (see image below). Furthermore, you can easily teleport to a skilling location by simply clicking on the skill you wish to train. MEDIA STAFF TEAM Join us now! We are currently in a "refer a friend event" please check this thread for more information!
  3. nono i dont said professiional
  4. Hello guys first my name is Thom and im from Germany so i hope u unterstand all I am looking for a coder for my project (source is InsanityX) I am sorry, but I have little experience in coding. I already have a VPS server The server is currently online but he still needs a lot of work and I alone can not make it so I'm looking for a coder. But I do not want to spend money on it. I am looking for a nice guy with whom one understands and the experience from the Coder has to be no professional. I hope you understand what I said If someone is interested who likes to work with me, please contact me via Skype my name is: manemane72 thanks guys
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