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  1. - Members and Iron-man accounts now have their respective icons next to their names in chat, - Bunch of new random event NPC's to get rewards and clothing from, - Some Loyalty titles can now be purchased with Loyalty points (more coming soon), - Bonds are now available to purchase from our Store page, - Coal bag, vial crafting, crossbow stringing, classic runecrafting upgrade and more! Amber Update logs #17
  2. We've started another advertising campaign over most major Top Sites! Amber will get tons of new, fresh content this month; we're really proud! Join us today at https://amber-rsps.com .
  3. We've started Facebook, Instagram and Twitter advertising today! The server will get major changes this week and the upcoming week as well! Stay tuned :).
  4. - Amber Update logs #11 - - Amber Update logs #12 -
  5. - Amber Update logs #8 - - Amber Update logs #9 - - Amber Update logs #10 -
  6. Miscellaneous changes: - Fixed a bug where opening your bank account would not stop any current actions being performed; - You can now use your Crystal pickaxes and Crystal hatchets to gather resources more rapidly; - Fixed a bug where you couldn't reset your Slayer tasks properly; - Nerfed Ring of Wealth random rare drops; - Doubled the speed of Orb to Battle-staff attaching; - You will now receive Loyalty points for every 30 minutes played. The amount will scale depending on how long you've been online; - Added 'Xuan' NPC that will sell all kinds of different auras in exchange for Loyalty points; - Lots of raw Cooking items have been fixed; - Couple more touches to Smithing and Cooking actions (should no longer randomly stop); - Jadinko lair root Woodcutting has been fixed; - Elder trees can now be chopped for Elder logs which can be crafted into bows or burned for firemaking exp; - Updated how rare item drops are displayed world-wide (also added the loot-beam). They will display on our website now as well; - Added the Mysterious Old Man and Xuan to the Members (donator) zone; - Shield-bows will now have their defensive abilities; - Added a new mini-game: Rise of the Six! It's available to travel to from Mysterious Old mans Boss teleports section. To enter this mini-game you will first have to get a Barrows Totem from the regular Barrows mini-game which is a common reward; - You can now use your red sandstone on a robust glass machine in order to create robust glass. From here the robust glass can be made into empty potion flasks and finally regular potions mixed into potion flasks for 6-dose potions; - You can now fight the almighty Vorago; you'll need a team of at least 5 players to start the challenge and survive a 10k hit before entering his arena; - Fixed Coin collector perk not properly picking up coin drops; - Unlimited Grand Exchange items will no longer be influenced by the 'Supply & Demand' rule, meaning, players will no longer be able to manipulate with those item prices; - Fixed Ascension monsters not dropping the appropriate items (keystones, fletching supplies, etc); - All monsters should now properly (randomly) drop Crystal key halves; - Queen Black dragons fire wall attack will now do proper amounts of damage, scaling from 500 to 1000. Update media: Miscellaneous changes: - Fixed the Combat experience rates; - Clue scrolls should no longer drop so frequently; - Treasure Hunter key tokens have completely been removed from the NPC drop tables; - Fixed not being able to mine from Mining divine locations; - You will no longer require the Skill level requirement when trying to place a Divine location for that appropriate skill; - Barbarian Outpost Agility course will now correctly display the lap bonus EXP; - Updated Dungeoneering EXP rates (need some players to test it (rates are subject to change)) as well as token amount will now be calculated by total EXP divided by 10; - Updated Godwars Zaros chamber (and the battle against Nex as well); Update media:
  7. Miscellaneous changes: - Coal trucks should now be properly functional; - You can now switch back to your regular Magic spell-book using the Altar at home; - Talking to any Slayer Master will now pull up the highest Slayer Masters dialogue you can get tasks from; - All Slayer Masters will now have the ability to reset your current active Slayer task for a fee of 250k gold coins; - Fixed up Glacors and re-added them as an option under Boss Teleports; - Fire protection will now work better at the King Black Dragon; - Added Polypore dungeons Merchant NPC dialogue and shop; - Ascensions Dungeon has been added; - Major fixes to the Fletching skill; - Regular crossbow bolts have been added to the Grand Exchange's unlimited stock; - Website hiscores have finally been implemented. Update media:
  8. Prifddinas city: - Added the daily mini-game: Mother-lode Maw; - Added the Edimmu resource dungeon with Edimmu's in it. They can be obtained as Slayer tasks from Morvran; - Added Seren stone cleansing activity; - Added the Hefin Agility course; - Seren stones, gem rocks, soft clay and red sandstone can now be mined; - Prifddinas waterfall fishing has been added; - Added Harp playing; - Tears of Seren for re-charging jewellery has been added; - Large bonfire for firemaking and cooking has been fixed; - Pick-pocketing has been added; Miscellaneous changes: - Runecrafting classic altars zone has been populated with most (if not all) runecrafting altars; - Fixed these commands: dz, settitle, bank; - Couple fixes to the Falconry and Impetious Impulses hunter activities; - Divination gather limits formula has been changed to (total level / 10); - You can now right-click check-percentage on any divination location from your inventory to check how much % of your daily gather limit you have left; - All Experience lamps should now be functional; - Couple low & high level alchemy spell fixes; - Herblore Boxes can now be open-able; - Slayer experience has been divided by 10, was TOO much previously. Update media:
  9. Divination: - You can now weave most (if not all) divine locations with your divine energy; - Added a daily limit for gathering from divine locations (the limit scales based off of your Divination level + 16); - Added a daily divine location creation limit (one location per day (only applies for making locations, you will still be able to place multiple down at once)); Daily limits reset 24 hours after your last interaction. You'll get a notification message of when it resets. Miscellaneous changes: - Fixed our Voting system. Rewards are given automatically after approx. 30 seconds of when you vote; - Pikkupstix should now offer you a variety of Summoning supplies to choose from as well as a huge dialogue to learn about the Summoning skill itself; - Players may now use the Summoning infusion obelisk to create familiars; - Smelting bars will now count how many bars in total you've made (for the upcoming Completionist cape); - Left-clicking on furnaces will now actually bring up the smelting interface; - Completely re-did the Members(donator) zone, it now features a never-depleting tree, a never depleting mining rock, overload table, grand exchange, bank, spinning table, orb charging obelisks, altar, hide tanning, rocktail/cavefish fishing spots, cooking range, furnace & anvil, gem stall; - Added unpowered orb charging. Use unpowered orb on an obelisk to charge it; - You can now travel to Entrana (via the Monks at Port Sarim), journey to the dungeon and get yourselves some dramen branches. Fletch those branches into dramen staves to enter Zanaris; - All Rock crabs should now be equal HP and give equal experience; - Tool-belt for Fishing should now be properly functional; - The Fishing guild is now populated with a variety of fishing spots; - Server information messages have been completely re-done; - Added a Well of Good Will. Use your coins on the well at home in order to activate double experience for the whole server for 2 hours (total needed to activate: 25m); - There will now be automatic Double experience weekends (will not stack with the Well of Good Will); - Added a ';;discord' command for quick joining to our discord channel; - Fixed a bug where ironmen players could still trade; - Server broadcasts should now also properly insert into our websites broadcasts table; - Constructions House portal will now have an option to open the constructions supply shop; - Updated Dungeoneering Smuggler's supply shop (please message me if I missed anything important item-wise). Update media:
  10. Miscellaneous changes: - Removed random Taverly Boss spawns (no idea how they got there in the first place); - Fixed a bug where Ava's backpacks would save your ammunition 100% (which is incorrect); - Fixed up Estate Agent's house moving option. Also added Edgeville as the default POH location for new players; - Fixed the portals at Essence mine; - Training Teleports changes: temporarily removed the glacor cave option; the chaos dwarf battlefield is now populated with all its NPC's - get them dragon pickaxes; - All Grand Exchange prices have been reset back to General store values (except some herblore ingredients); - Global world messages (when achieving level 99's) will now display players game mode and will also display on our websites homepage; - Training after level 99 will grant a skill shard (1 in 25 chance) which you can combine into expert capes of accomplishment (Artisans, Gatherers, Combatants, Support); - Examining items should no longer send the GE guide price twice; - Couple fixes towards Polypore dungeon NPC combat scripts; - Tweaked and fixed up the Barrows mini-game rewards chest. Also increased the chance of receiving items from it; - Patched up Pest Control. The mini-game should now be flawless; - Stealing Creation mini-game can now be played once again. Use the Mysterious Old man to teleport there; - Fixed up the Godwars dungeon - all monsters/objects should now be accessible/working; - Teleporting to Bork now straight away puts you in his Boss room (if you're eligible to kill him (once every 12 hours)); - Added an option to teleport to Chaos Tunnels via ';;train'; - Fixed an exploit where you could teleport away from your current dungeon while Dungeoneering; - Started working on Treasure Hunter - it should be playable but is nowhere near to be completed yet. Update media:
  11. Welcome to our advertisement thread! Important Links Homepage - Play Now About Amber Amber is a Runescape private server based on the 2014 era of Runescape with a modified play-style. It is completely free to play and offers some of the most highest quality game-play in Runescape private server history. We offer high quality, bug-free mini-games, all functional skills, loads of bosses, grand exchange, clue scrolls, veteran capes, loyalty system, dwarf cannons, and much more. Our community is constantly growing, and our staff team is always active and willing to help you through your adventure. We are always improving Amber, with frequent game and website updates coming from professional developers. We like to brag (and have proof to back it up) that Amber is one of the best 2017 Runescape private server communities still alive today. - So, what are you waiting for...? Join hundreds of others - Become the best! Noticeable Features * Frequent game and website updates * Custom EXP and play-style modes * Stable economy + player based grand exchange * Over a dozen training grounds for quicker leveling * Known for our PvM, with over 20 bosses and counting * A dozen active and rewarding mini-games * All skills fully functional (Including Divination) * Capes of Distinction: Completionists, Max, Veteran * Full clan/friends system, with loot-share and coin-share * World events such as trivia, boss spawns and more * Over 75 clue scrolls implemented * Full banks with tabs, searching, inserting, swapping * Massive donor zone with several dozens extra features * A Journal which tracks all of your in-game points & monster kills * An In-game scoreboard of online users / pk ranks / dominion factor etc * Automated Weekend EXP bonus * Loads of custom Loyalty titles with a permanent unlock feature * Tons of Pets to buy/achieve/unlock/receive AND SO MUCH MORE! Server Media ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------