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  1. I'm sorry that we cannot please everyone with our EXP rates but they we're voted in by the players. Also the cache downloads fast for everyone else this must of been your PC/internet speed at the time. Previous Updates and Patch notes: Yesterdays Updates: Its update time, This week has mostly been focused on content. Araxxor is now publicly available as well as Adamant & Rune Dragons. Think you have what it takes to defeat them? More patches and fixes below.
  2. Less than 5 days to go until Anima release. Updates are starting to be rolled out now for pre-release.
  3. Our closed beta is now underway and we are hard at work fixing the bug and adding missing content. So there may be a lack of updates for the next day or two while we concentrate on that.
  4. As the week progresses and we grow ever nearer to our target, we still do have a fair bit to do. for example, Finishing of the long over due Araxxor and minor touch ups on bosses accross the board and some minor adjustments to skills. the main focus for the week is smoothing out anything we are unhappy with and making this source the most stable available to date. (as for a release date it is this month but just hold tight, we don't want to rush this.) Anima & Omega
  5. As the weekend comes to a end alot has been accomplished. Many fixes have been implemented including major nulls which we were able to recreate and fix. More structural work has been done to make way for a even more smoother gameplay experience.