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  1. NobeliumPs 742 is a new RuneScape private server that is currently looking for new active players. We have a very dedicated staff team who updates daily and takes suggestions from all of their players. At NobeliumPs, we have dedicated streamers and also dedicated youtubers. We strive to increase our community population and to become a very friendly and helpful community and help others achieve their goals throughout the server.What does NobeliumPs offer to it's players?~VPS Hosted 24/7~Double xp weekends~Double voting reward weekends~Vote Point System~Vote Points Shop~Active Players~Very Friendly & Active Community~Daily Updates~Excellent & Stable Economy~Recipe for Disaster~Slayer~Farming~Polypore Dungeon (Ganodermics included)~Jandinko Lair (Drops vine whips)~100% Working Money Pouch~Perfected Pking~King Black Dragon~All up too date Bosses/Npc's~Lots of Pking and PvMing~Barrows~Dominion Tower~Barrel Chest Bosses for Donators, drops Auras!~Sea troll Queen! Drops pvp armour(s)~Duel Arena~Donator Zone~Extreme Donator Zone~Dicing~Flower Game~All Prayers Working (Curses included)~All updated amour~Lots of skilling~Lots of Donator benefits! More than any rsps!~Much, much more!