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  1. I Did Dc

    Dice Bag equipts

    this is on a 317 rsps can someone move this to the correct thread please
  2. I Did Dc

    Dice Bag equipts

    okay so when i use dice in my rsps it works okay until i press clan roll, then the dice equips into my weapon slot instead of rolling anyone know why and how to fix? thanks
  3. I Did Dc

    Need some help

    bump! still need some help with this please.
  4. I Did Dc

    Need some help

    sorry i have just realised i have posted this in the introduction Forum. Where should i re-post this topic? i don't want to get on anyone's bad side
  5. I Did Dc

    Need some help

    Hello everyone, my name is Jamie and i need a bit of help of someone please. I have recently started making my own rsps so me and some friends can play about for a bit but before i let them + anyone else who would like to play i need help setting it up, it is a 718 server and it works with the client but now i need help customising it. if anyone would be able to help or if anyone would like to try and help reply here please and i will give you teamspeak information to we can talk. unfortunately i cannot pay you as i do not have any income due to the fact that i am at college and don't have a job right now. I need help setting up starting items, stopping instant max combat stats after tutorial and ::commands need setting up as well, Regard, I Did Dc