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  1. server is 718 loading 742 and have added some rs3 items drygores etc i have a couple good helping hands @baki but i really need someone that knows there java and possibly can host for the time being until i get the server a vps please if you are interested dont hesitate to add me on discord @skillzteh II#6494
  2. like i said i cannot for he life of me remove the npc's that are standing behind the counter nor the two women walking around in my bank i have deleted them from everything i think i could possible helpppp please willl repppp looking for a developer as well $$) https://gyazo.com/64f8c3d07ccc5c38d85d7c39a899513a
  3. https://gyazo.com/56c21be176616bba16229297cd57ca72 FLAME ME IF NEED BE LOL BUT I HAVE ALREADY GONE THROUGH MAP ARCHIVE KEYS AND DELETED THE UNPACKED MCX JUST SO YOU KNOW. Im hella puzzled idk how to solve the issue if anyone could help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Title says everything, as said its a 718 source which is going to be based on pking. Already started on the project been a week now, and looking for someone to join it. If you enjoy coding and not taking anything until the server is ready to be hosted, then hit me up on Skype or Discord. skype:ryan.julien1 discord:skillzteh II#6494 Thanks in advance cheers