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  1. New Games Studio™ is proud to announce we have added a new product to our store. New Games Studio™ is a new small team that was built & designed to take pressure off of project Founders running a large-scale project. There's a-lot in the RS world to tackle. I have done some grave digging and cannot find how many Developers they have, but we all know there's probably at-least a hundred. We produce efficient and proficient code, we try to build classes for things that are fairly simple but will create a big impact, for a cheap price, to allow you to buy multiple classes from us that will really help shape your project up a bit, without really effecting your bank. This class was Developed for 718 Matrix, and RS3 Matrix projects. It is set-up for a very quick & easy implementation process. Our team created this for a couple different reasons, when we begun our RS3 Studio Project, it didn't contain this piece of content at all. We were also requested to produce it for a 718 Matrix, as no 718's naturally would have this, but the requester wanted it to be public, as he believes others may find use for this. This feature is pretty self-explanatory, for the most part everyone knows what Daily Challenges are. Those of you who may not know, The Challenge System is a system intended to suggest skill training methods to players. It was released on 19 September 2012. The challenge system has three parts: challenges, daily challenges and lucky challenges. NOTE: This product does NOT include all three parts, but only the Daily Challenges. Upon logging in each day, you will be prompted with a new Daily Challenge, these can stack. You have 7 days to complete each challenge. After the 7th day of receiving a challenge, the challenge will no longer be available. Upon finishing the challenge, return to Burthope and speak with Challenge Mistress Fara to recieve a juicy reward & experience! NOTE: Although this doesn't include a command, or interface to view your challenges list in the 718. This is just the system. NOTE: All of our products are limited time only, this product will be available for two weeks. If the product reaches 5 sales before the time ends the product will be removed. You can view the product here: https://sellfy.com/p/yxI6/ Class Developer(s): - Austin - James Human System Debugger(s): - Austin - James - Dylan - Tyler Approved By: Tyler - Founder of New Games Studio™