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  1. Very fun server. Please do consider joining! Unique quality content and awesome updates! See ya in game Oxelere34
  2. Welcome to 2006RS! Site: 2006rs.mygamesonline.org/index.php Vote Page: topg.org/Runescape/in-449567 "The best invention of 2006 of it's time" News: New server! come and join now! Hello there! Fellow player Ghfury here from 2006RS, and I'd like to tell YOU all about it ~Use ctrl+f to search for something! ~This thread is under development (Do not rant) Info; -2006 RSPS (377) Owner: Indio -NEW SERVER! -Active since 12/30/16 -Active, Friendly, Helpful! -Experience Rate: 3x -Daily Updates! -READY FOR LOADS OF FUN! -Needs more players like you! -Open for advertisement! What makes us unique? Well, welcome to the definition; Yes we have just started out, but the progress is already being made to have a nice stable ONLY 377 2006 updating server! Content in-game; (SOON TO COME!) ~WORKING SOUND SYSTEM ~Some minigames ~More to come! Updates/Future Updates ~All things 2006 before and after, to the deadline May 2nd 2006. ~Holiday Events ~Up and running Highscores ~Youtube Channel ~Forum fixes Media;Videos;Pictures Just another day at cooks assistant How dare he! Chicken killer! I've been workin' in the mine lands...All my life Gotta make that cash somehow! ------------------------------------------ Farewell fellow Runelocus user! Hope you enjoyed! Thankyou and make it a great day!