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  1. Amazing journey we've been through the past year! Great content, models, areas, teamwork cant wait for this project to be reality. -Epok
  2. Hello all GFX workers! Im currently looking for a GFX worker who can make a rank for me. I do have picture of how I want it to look like. This crown is the one I want to change. Red -> Black Silver -> White So I want the red to be changed into black & silver I want to be changed into White. The rank needs to be a GIF. If you think you can create this rank for me, let me know on Discord. Discord: Epok#7381 Thank you very much
  3. Forum: empyrean-rsps.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/vA88aV We are currently under beta Do you have what it takes to be a youtuber on Empyrean-RSPS? Let us know & join our Discord server!!! As you can see on our title, we are looking for a youtuber, the thing we are looking for is one who are quite experiences with RSPS, editting on videos, familiar with English language. At the moment we are under beta & we still need to fix some things in game. We don't have an official release date yet, but we think the server is ready in around 2 months. So if you are interested in more information about youtube rank on Empyrean-RSPS, join our Discord & PM Epok to have a talk about it. You won't regret it! Here is a little showcase in game. NOTE! some things are bugged & under construction! * 25 fully working skills Home, location: Edgeville Our Forum website. We are looking forward to see you on our Discord & Forum! Kindest regards, Staff team of Empyrean-RSPS
  4. @Ziek` is right. This is "just" a website for those who running their own server & wanna do showcases or advertise for a new server. I know dawntained RSPS I haven't had the best moments either, but tbh you don't get anything out of it by making this thread. I know you hate the server & basically ONLY have offensive words to say about them. Delete the cache/client & sign-out on forums & completely forget about the server. Go find a new server. Let people find out by themselves about the server.
  5. http://innova-rsps.com/forums/ The team behind Innova-RSPS is delighted to announce that we have OFFICIAL release 1-2 days!!! Before we release the server, we need +1 Why we want a youtuber: To begin with we want a youtuber to make a prom video that we can add on our website. The only requirement we have is that you NEED rsps experiences! you have to be known with it. TAKE NOTE: of course we want more then just a prom video. We want one who can make some lit videos about this awesome server! You get all this info in the meeting! I upload this picture of in game which will be the only one because the server isn't release YET & still under progress. As soon as the server is released, I will make a LIT advertisement thread on here with ALL the info you guys need! If you find this interesting & if you have some curious questions, PLEASE join our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/Ghgh6d PM me on Discord when you've joined & I will give you more info about the Youtube rank & you can ask ALL the questions you have! Looking forward to hear from you! Regards, Innova Staff Team.
  6. Hello. Im web developer & working on forums. Im current out of job (Not paying web). If you need a web developer to your forum, please add me on Discord: Rasmus#5366 Looking forward to hear from you. Rasmus
  7. Hello everyone. At the moment I released a beta version of an 317 version server. In a week or so I will release the server officially & I will be in need of a youtuber! PM me on discord: Rasmus#5366 for more info! Looking forward to hear from you! Regards, Rasmus.
  8. Just to tell you. "play" button on home page doesn't work & it won't download the client.
  9. Rasmus

    Looking for a server

    Hello RuneLocus. I'm looking for an rsps server (317 version). It's my first time to code & having a friend with me who can help around. Anyone know how to get this version?? THANK YOU!
  10. Nice, a directly link to forum & client would be great.
  11. Really awesome server! I checked the thread & I'm this type of person who always getting curious about new started rsps servers! So I downloaded client, logged in (very easily!). Checked around the server, had some nice talk with owner (Thomas), cool guy! I love custom items, but the good about this server is it's not only based on custom items! there is also regular items. I wen't directly to forum & registered me as a unreal age player! great server, professional developer team!! You guys should give it a try!
  12. BRAND NEW SERVER! Been up for 5 days! Directly link to forum; http://www.cloudninersps.com/community/ Boss; 16!! (Nex, bork, Corp Beast, Glacors & more!) Great community! Professional staff team! 24 skills! (All works!) Daily events (hosted by staff) Sorry for not posting pictures.. I had some issues with it.