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  1. you take credit for way to much work that isnt yours is my point everything you post is from rune-server do your own work
  2. Hopefully it gets removed from here like it did on rune-server shouldn't of been released like it was and you shouldn't release half the things you do without permission def dislike this one
  3. RSPS 2017

    OSRS Deobs

    sausage links are good for the soul
  4. if you add the right animations and fix the dwarf cannon game crash bug this will work perfect
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cy5r2q2whmhzi/LunarIsle126PackageNEW.zip?dl=0 Not posting pics at the moment if someone wants to add some fine it has a few bugs hope someone can use
  6. OK so I have added about every dang file needed and animations etc... even the teleport shows up on the boss teleports but when you click it there is nothing it literally just does not work Can someone please help me I have any files needed but I am stuck. UGH
  7. Why would you want to leech this lol thanks for contribution i reckon
  8. I have nothing to do for the rest of the week gonna dl and try it out
  9. ahaha yea i wanted to delete the quote but was on my phone earlier lol sorry that is a decent source if you like DMM
  10. wasnt there error spoilers in the original post if i can remember right ok no more giant pointless quote
  11. RSPS 2017

    Lunar Isle

    Nvm my big giant brain got it all by myselfs
  12. RSPS 2017


    2300 errors on eclipse .... But none the less easy fixes
  13. RSPS 2017


    Not sure how I deleted it because there was to many issues just to make it run