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  1. [quote name='Stacx']I don't think anyone has slurped in dragonkk's butthole as much as me. [/QUOTE] LOL ohhhh stacx. You are so mean
  2. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/RxnRn.png[/IMG] Mr cj dont like dat
  3. "the mighty dragonkk" LOL you really worship him dont you. He only programs Java behind his computer. You could do the same if you just getKnowledge.
  4. Good work alex. Hope you do good on the other builds (Y)
  5. so... all of this because of that clan madital thing?
  6. K, 3 more. Ownage that other username has exact same form as you. Weird huh-
  7. Need 4 more forms and ill answer.
  8. Can't you guys follow the form correctly? or even read what i said above. form: [code] in code please [/code] Staff: Don't ask for 2 positions!
  9. [center] [b][u]Introduction[/b][/u] Server doesn't have a name atm. But this will be disscussed with our team. I want to start a 562/ 657 but with no bugs. Ive notice all 657 are really bugged. We will be using my base, Server will not be added to [color=blue]dropbox[/color] (cause people will be fiddleing around with it with no further notices) [b][u]Goals[/b][/u] Make the server fun and have a lot of motiviations and entertainment. Don't want everyone sitting around "home" doing nothing. To be just like Runescape. Have good Economy. Have all 657 interfaces. All weapon emotes and Magic graphics. Zombie Minigame needs to be finished, i only need to finish the interface. [b][u]Max Staff & Positions[/b][/u] Forum Developer: Beta tester: (This person will be the first to try out server and suggest things) Moderator: Moderator: Administrator: Java Programmer: Java Programmer: [b][u]Form[/b][/u] [code] Name: Age: Location: Wanted Position: Deob Programmed: More Information: Contact Email: [/code] I'll be saying more on this thread, but this is it for now. If you don't answer the form how its formatted above, then i will not reply. You can only apply for 1 staff position. I wish us all luck on this server that we will be programming... [/center]