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    [Helped needed]

    The answer I quite needed :p Anyways, my goal for now, as I said before, isn't to create a good functional private server, but to put it online for a really small community (friends) and mess around with it Make every boss drop huge rare drops like Nex dropping every Nex's full sets at once in every kill, stuff like that... So I really think that 30 minutes skype session would point me in the right direction :p Then I'd watch tutorials and more tutorials and learn and learn and learn :p That's what's in my mind ahahah
  2. Valryon

    [Helped needed]

    Hey guys, hope you all good I'm trying to make my own RSPS not for sale, not for money earning, nothing like that... Just to learn and put there something like 10 friends playing I've tried the Matrix source (spawn) but I want to start with a eco server instead Are there any suggestions for this noob to start learning? Is there any eco release I can start with? Can anybody list any guides I should take a look? Plus... WIll anyone take a bit of their time to help me via skype or so? Thanks in advance to everyone who replies ;)