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    Search for 'RuneScape' in the client files. Once found some results, change all of them into your server name. These are done strictly through client.
  2. It's a dialogue. Dialogues generally tend to get messy and long (Not saying they have to, but most of them will). He could however shorten the code by at least three times, by doing: a) for (int i = 0; i < 14; i++) player.getEquipment().refresh(i); b) Making a container (For example an array, or a hashmap if you need to list down more than one attribute) for the items, so instead of writing each and every single one of them out you could also loop them the same way c) Using switches - This isn't an issue really, however it'd slightly shorten and clean the code up a bit more. If all these three would be optimized to the fullest, your code would be at least three times shorter lines length-wise. I know this is an ancient post, just figured I'd increase my post count
  3. Na that global config is correct, but as said, it's a global config not a regular one or a configbyfile. It sends the quest information blank page to the window that appears by the quest list. I too, worked on a 742 previously.
  4. Could use a lot of work on some of the things, for example, the quest "tab" part. player.getPackets().sendGlobalConfig(699, 1); Thank me later. (Unless this isn't the correct config, no longer working on my 742 so I might be wrong here >.>) But nonetheless, even though this revision is dead, rotting in its grave, good luck with it.
  5. Eldritch

    [562] NPC clip

    Source: http://www.mediafire.com/file/f896t8um26wza3v/562Ostava.rar Client: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o9zra0vkxuotqtz/updateclient (1).rar?dl=0 Cache: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mfuqxd1g9oc4wqo/562cache.rar?dl=0
  6. There's hardly a difference between Misc.random(int); and Math.getRandom(); You're correct by saying Math.getRandom() is a chance, however Misc.random(int) does the very same thing basically, slightly pro-longed though as it'll do a few more steps. Barely a difference between the two. On-topic though. I really can't see the point in posting the same thing twice here, the only thing that changed are the sent strings and ids within the arrays. Another thing I'm struggling to find here is the check for mystery box and the removal of mystery box. PS: Since these two are almost identical, you could've just made them both in one class, through different arrays. Could've saved an entire class. Nonetheless though, thank you for contributing. Minor improvements could be done as you can tell but it's nothing bad, good job.
  7. Eldritch

    Matrix III

    Use an IDE. The most noob-friendly from my experience would be Eclipse. Just load the project through it, make changes, save and it will automatically compile.
  8. Eldritch

    [562] NPC clip

    I'm guessing you're using RS2HD as a base.. If so, I can see the root of your problems, as there hasn't been a single 562 released that's a RS2HD too. I'm personally using a MX 562 as my source and I have no issues whatsoever. You should look into Ostava 562 release, that source is MX, but it's got all of the core features already done such as clipping, properly.
  9. I'll just skip through all the boring parts and move on straight to the features. No one cares why I chose this or whatever else. Note: I can't be bothered with colouring the thread, there are just so many damn lines it'll be difficult to maintain this thread later on. Most of the features defined below are all properly implemented into the game already. Features & Media
  10. First of all, do what Arix said. However, I personally would instead declare all of the variables as simple 'WorldTile' objects or 'Location' objects, whatever your base is using. The issue you're having is the fact that the first if-statement will always be true before the second one, and since it's an else-if statement it never reaches the second part. else if (c.duelStatus <= 4) { <-- change this line into else if (c.duelStatus <= 4 && !c.hardMode) { Should work from there on.