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  1. Illerai is a unique 317 server loading OSRS data that strives to build a new world with new lore to uncover and tasteful custom content to engage in. With entirely new quests to set out on, never-before-seen bosses to battle, new rewards to reap from them, and new maps to explore, we seek to double down on the vision of Old School RuneScape; to expand upon the game that we came to love back in the day without squandering everything that makes it what it is. Illerai's standards are upheld in no small part by the awesome work of modelers such as Ziva, lumplum, Draxaca and Maximax. What we want to achieve with Illerai is to create a gameplay experience of its own right. We want you to marvel at the game you have known for so long in a way you probably haven't for a long time. To this end, our signature addition to the combat system was born, a new skilling-focused game mode was implemented, and a few new bosses came to be. Since the original release of the server, the aforementioned combat mechanic has been entirely revamped, Skiller Mode was rebalanced, more boss additions have been made, more skilling additions have been planned, the lore has been rethought and quests have been written. Here at Illerai, our utmost pride is the original content that gives the server its personality. New additions have been made to various aspects to the game, and each of them has been carefully thought out from the drawing board stages to ensure that they fit within our vision, that they're fun, and that they organically assimilate into the game we all know and love. Combat enhanced The Divine Keystones Illerai's signature addition to the combat system allows you enhance your combat performance in various ways by receiving a god's blessings and investing points into the individual attributes offered by your received blessings. These points will become obtainable from many different sources, encouraging a diversified gamestyle that rewards engagement with the many different aspects of the game in order to unlock our new system's full potential. New bosses Our server counts with a few new bosses that test the waters of what RSPS can achieve in that front. This gives players new major goals to work towards with the new tools they can acquire and provide fresh, tough, and satisfying challenges. Custom Items & New Skill! New additions have been made to the game, but not left and right. Contrary to what certain other servers would have you believe, there is such a thing as adding new items within reason, and our reasons typically involve the original content you're reading about. After all, you can't have new PvM challenges or custom quests without offering new rewards to go with them, and lucky for us we count with just that. Recoloring items doesn't have to make them look completely awful, the old can be built upon if done with care and the new can blend in as well. If you like what you're seeing and intend on playing (or just wish us the best regardless!), you should definitely make some room in your signature for our support banner!
  2. If you haven't already read our Release date and update calendar, please see it here. Also, stay tuned for the update coming tomorrow!
  3. A lot of fixes have been made. Check the spoiler.
  4. Play || Discord || Forums Zera is a 718 loading 865 runescape private server. We have a stable server that offers unique content to our players. We have 2 Developers that will listen to the suggestions they get. We are always updating our server with content and improving the game in general. We have Boss Pets, Completionist Capes, 20+ Bosses, all funcational skills, a working grand exchange, clue scrolls, loyalty system and even a Perk System. Our server is not Pay-to-win, which is something we are very proud of. We want our players to work hard for their stats and items. Anyone can become great on Zera 718. Choose between 6 game modes, Ironman and Hc Ironman. We have tons of minigames like Barrows, clan wars, pest control, dungeoneering, fight kiln, Unique Quests, Duel Arena, Soul Wars, Dominion Tower and much more.
  5. (Banner PlaceHolder) Server Description This server has the revision 831 which means that it includes content such as; Evolution of Combat, Araxxor, Boss Tasks, Max Guild, Priffddinas, Boss Pets, Divination, etc. It has been up for about two weeks since the day this thread is created and has a steady player base. If you are looking for a non-P2W server with a dedicated owner and a loving community - Then you have find the right place. Here at Velorium we take care of all our players and make sure that each and every request is reviewed. But please, dont take my word for it. Hop on and check it out for yourself! We're sure you'll like it. Website Download Information Take in mind that we know that since Vernox, Kagani and MX3 has been released - Many members are going to hate on this thread. You can call it a leech, you can call it a waste of time and you can call it anything you want. But please keep in mind that you're the one wasting your time if you are just going to comment something negative. Please leave constructive feedback or avoid posting. We do not want to start the war of the keyboard warriors. I hope you get our point, and if you do - Thanks for understanding. Media Updates Note: Many updates wont come on this list simply due to the fact that they are forgotten. Much more has been added other then what is written in here, so do not think that literally everything on this list is literally all that has been added to the server. Last Rememberd Updates - Reworked Smithing - Tanning has an interface now - Wardrobe has been added to the game - Keepsakes have been added to the game - Summoning has been fixed to close perfection - Anti-leeches have been removed from the game (Not all, but a system for it has been added too) - Combat hit accuracy/damage has been tweaked. - Hardcore Ironman has been added - Hardcore Ironman can now buy lives. - Skilling xp is more stable - Wardrobe has is now more efficient - Fixed Dungeoneering Rewards (Charming Imp, Bonecrusher, Herbicide, Gold Accumulator) - Dagannoth Supreme doesnt drop 40 un-noted yew logs anymore Credits Vernox Team Kagani Team